What are the main elements of a healthy lifestyle? 7 essentials

“Health is wealth” and as every New Year brings in a sense of positivity and unending energy with plans to conquer the world let's get started with the basics and discuss 7 essentials to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Set a routine:
    Nature works on a pre-set clock and so do our bodies. Setting a routine means making and sticking to wake up and sleep time schedules.It’s not easy to be sincere towards it but only when we do it will we realize the benefits. Waking up and sleeping at a set time aid in better metabolic functions essentially keeping us healthy and mentally awake from the moment of awareness in the morning till bed time. It reduces stress in us unlike when we rush in the morning to reach office in time or drop off kids to school before the hour bell goes. Ultimately it keeps us at peace as we get going without much of a hurdle.

  2. Know your morning mantra
    Everyone has a special thing he/she would like waking up to. That special 1st hour can be spending with family and pets or engaging in gardening, a nature walk, or simply sipping a mug of coffee. One must know one's pick and try to inculcate that in one’s everyday routine. What we do in the first hour of our waking matters a lot. What that first hour must give you is a happy feeling at the end of the day however hard the day at work has been.

  3. Eat right
    We are what we eat! Although not everyone's body act in a similar way, it is up to us to make wise eating decisions at least 5 out of 7 days a week. Sumptuous and energy providing breakfast followed by a balanced lunch or a series of small meals should be the plan before ending the day with a light yet satisfying dinner. You may choose any cuisine you prefer because all have good balanced dishes but ensure that you are consuming a balanced, well planned and healthy diet throughout the week to keep you physically healthy and mentally active and aesthetically vibrant.

  4. Drink enough water
    Water is the second most essential ingredient for survival water oxygenated air. And not drinking enough of it is not going to get us anywhere even if we lived ideal lifestyles. Water keeps the blood sugar levels right, reduces stress, helps eliminate toxins, keeps the skin supple and oil-free, reduces waste build up in the gut, and if drunk sufficiently also helps us lose weight beyond our imagination. It keeps us from overeating and suffering from mood swings and by supplying more oxygen to the brain it improves our productivity at whatever we are doing. Isn’t it an elixir enough?

  5. Stay mobile
    Staying active has become more of a choice than necessity with increasing comforts making their way into our lives. Choosing stairs instead of the lifts and elevators, lifting our stuffs than seeking help, planning to walk to a nearby place than renting a cab are the excuses we need to make to stay active. And best of all choose to deliver a message to your colleague on the same floor in person than sending out an intranet message. Flexing muscles every half to one hour keeps the blood from thickening. Those who can should certainly include a 30 minute walk/ cycling/ gymming/ dancing/sporting routine in their lives because who doesn’t want better health and physique!

  6. Short recesses
    Taking quick breaks helps us get back to our activity with a fresh mind and energy. Ending with the right people during such recesses goes a long way in staying positive, connected and successful.

  7. Plan an activity for every day
    We all have or at least want to have a life beyond a 9 to 6 work-day. Although many of us may be not be able to achieve a lot in this segment we can at least set small, tasks and targets for ourselves to make each day merrier by being able to accomplish them and at the same time doing what we love to or we ought to. Keep your expectations on the ground and plan your everyday in a different way so that you stay away from monotony and feeling the burden of daily mundane chores. Personally, I suggest set every alternate day for chores and self pampering... keeps me motivated enough to go through the grind.

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