6 Ways to Have a Happy Long-Distance Relationship

What comes to your mind when you think about surviving a long-distance relationship????
Okay I can see those eyebrows going up… and that puzzled face when we hear long distance relationship. Okay, let’s not try to sugar-coat it, because if you’ve been in one, you know that LDRs suck…big time. That being said… there are definitely ways to make them more manageable, even, dare I say, fun! Sky rocketing mobile phone bills, layovers and missed flights or trains or buses? Countless hours spent pining, wondering and worrying, why do we do this to ourselves? Long-distance love can be one challenge in itself, but as most committed couples will tell you, the rewards very well outweigh the stresses in it.

Well many in the family or amongst your friends will definitely discourage you but according to me everything is achievable with the right efforts; you just need that extra hard work, an extra effort for that extra mile between you both. Trust me when it comes to love distance is not the culprit but our insecurities are. I have a different full form for this DISTANCEDon’t Include Secrecy To A Nice and Cozy Environment of yours.

So before the dark clouds set in and make your relationship muddy and messy let me enlighten you by sharing some ideas about how to KILL that DISTANCE (which is taken so negatively):

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Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship
  • COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY AND WITH CREATIVITY –snail-mail it! Confused?? Common be creative and snap that Facebook and Whatsapp off and switch to those old days of messaging and creativity. Write each other hand written letters, gift each other colorful post-cards with a candid click you both have cherished. I know the delivery will take a day but it’s worth waiting isn’t it (wink! Wink!). But don’t have excessive communication. It is unwise to be overly sticky and be possessive (Is over-possessiveness killing your relationship ?). COMPENSATION for long distance is a false notion: remember LESS is MORE! It’s not about spamming — you are only going to exhaust yourself. It’s really about teasing at the right moments and tugging at just the right spots.
  • HAVE FUN IN SPITE OF DISTANCE – if you are not those old school types and not that creative with letters or post cards…never mind. Keep a good messaging app and make sure to download those funny stickers from the sticker store (I love the stickers on Hike), skype often (after all looking into each other’s eyes and hearing each other’s voices can make everything alright isn’t it?), keep pet names for each other…it’s cheesy but it’s cute and trust me, it keeps the lovey-dovey feeling going.(Things You Should Say To Your Partner Every Single Day)
  • STAY POSITIVE – the power of positivity overrides our insecurities. Stop assuming situations and people. A good trick to survive is being grateful; you have a person to love and be loved back…don’t forget that. Make the fruits of waiting at the end as sweet as heaven. Be thankful and pray for each other’s safety and health.(How to deal with tough times in relationships)
  • BE HONEST WITH EACH OTHER – don’t let any emotion be a bottleneck. Share your deepest feelings as this will mean that you have immense trust to share your personal space. Also, if you need any help speak to your partner before it is too late to sort it out.(How to prove that you are not a liar)
  • LEARN TO LIVE APART - If you want to live together, remember you first need to learn how to live apart. Name an opportunity or challenge or an experience…never think the distance is pulling you two apart. It should be like the gravitational law where that “distance” should bond you more, bring you closer.(9 Tips for healthy happy relationship)
  • MAKE VISITS TO EACH OTHER – be it a planned one or a surprise, be it intra-country or cross country, do visit your partner. These visits are the highlight of long distance relationships. Frankly speaking, you don’t need occasions to pay a visit. After all the yearning, waiting and abstinence you finally see each other…aha I see those fireworks, the confetti and butterflies all around (lol). Simply check in and make the visit memorable.
    If you have followed Glee then you would be familiar with when Emma says it to Will in Season 4 of Glee, and I quote here:
    I would rather be here, far from you, but feeling really close, rather than close to you but feeling really far away.
Remember, if a long distance relationship survives, it'll only grow stronger. As the Chinese saying goes, that real gold is never afraid of the test of fire.

So promise yourself one thing: I'm going to make it work.

Don't forget to share your experiences in long distance relationships and issues you faced.

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