Things That Can Only Happen In First Relationship

Yeah yeah I can imagine the blush on the pretty and handsome faces out there. Remembering them instantly makes you happy isn’t it? Those old days, that chasing, those fights and patch ups…it was unique in its own way. But everyone is not as lucky as you have been, sweetheart. For some it was a nightmare. For some it was quite a doozy with lot of mistakes made. Mine was a challenging one and a learning experience. Yes I took it positively. And here I am only going to share those positive aspects (life has already so much negativity…why talk about it and be melancholic again?). So I dedicate this article to my younger self and to the newbie’s in love.

  • You smile more - You become more beautiful because of the smile you wear on your face. You like to groom yourself, look better, love looking at yourself in a mirror many times …first love has an amazing potential and power to design your life in its own unique way. You never knew you have such a great smile… am I right or am I right?? (wink!!)
  • You love the color red – Oh boy! That Russian red shade of MAC on your lips never looked prettier, those red flowers across the street, that red tie, red shade is no longer disturbing (if you follow or have interest in zodiac you will know that Taureans hate the color red but magic of love melts that hatred away).
  • first serious relationship advice,being in a relationship for the first time
    First Love - First Relationship
  • You feel protected and cared by your partner like your mom makes you feel – yes you are pampered! Admit it newbies
  • You lie – Don’t get me wrong. But admit it that you have your little secrets that you share with few members in the family or friends. Those secret meetings. You do make excuses, bunking classes and sneaking out of the house…(naughty huh! ).
  • You become more intelligent, more knowledgeable –Aha! you have to pay credit to your first love for that. You handle your pocket money or income in a better way. You discover so many eateries; food plazas, ice cream parlors, new gift shops, become interested in cricket and be sporty (for girls who were not previously) and boys who never dealt with girly stuff gain so much knowledge about girly things (from their twisted emotional outbursts to their sexy lingerie…oops!).
  • You learn the difference between attachment and love – Love is everlasting, liberating, ego reducing, it enables mutual growth and selflessness but attachment is selfish, encumbering, transient, controlling and of course ego boosting.
  • You discover the other side of yourself – You discover freedom and self integrity. Yes it is indeed an evolution of self and you become wiser. Like attracts like and you learn that it is better to become like a person whom you like to attract.

That said I would only add one thing: love is a beautiful feeling; maybe you were hurt, you were abandoned, you became vulnerable but you were lucky to experience it…some don’t even get that. Give yourself a second chance and unfold the magic it beholds!

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Types Of Dresses Every Woman Needs (with Pictures)

Dresses come in a plethora of styles and combinations. That is probably what makes each one so different and makes us want to own a different one for each occasion. Earlier we had discussed about what is fashion all about, today we will take our discussion forward and discuss some dresses which every woman needs to have in her wardrobe.

Although you may find a variety of dresses in any girl’s collection but the “Skater Dress” is what appeals the most.

Skater Dress

A Skater Dress is one of the few Golden agers which are not going to die anytime soon. They are modern versions of it, like A-line dress or skirt silhouette which are narrower at the top and flare toward the bottom like the English alphabet “A”.

They got their name because it resembles the dresses the figure skaters wear; that same outline but short.

It is perfect outfit for a lunch or brunch or day out and suits most body types, provided you keep a check on the length accordingly. You can accessorise it with a pretty neck piece, ballerinas and a pony tail and there you go. Hey wait, don’t forget to wear your beautiful Smile!

Lately, floral prints have been quite a crush among females and it also requires minimal makeup and accessory as the dress alone steals the thunder. So it’s all up to you when it comes to styling.


These are our summer time relative spirits. They’re substantially versatile and you can just throw one and go on. There are different varieties of jumpsuits, longer sleeves, higher necklines, knee-hitting hems etc.
types of dresses list with pictures,female dress names
  • Jiro jumpsuit, a spontaneous up neckline keeps the V steady, so you don’t have to worry about any unintentional plunge. It basically suits girls or women who are tall.
  • Judo wrap jumpsuit, black colour in this looks classy pair it up with a wedge sandal, and a blazer you are ready to go.
  • Butler jumpsuit, all buttoned up and ready to go.
  • Patchwork denim jumpsuit, you take casual Friday very seriously. How seriously? Patchwork denim seriously.
  • For the girls having short height should go for Knee length jumpsuit or 3 quarter jumpsuits.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a type of dress that is long, usually floor-length, and prepared with flexible, free-flowing material. These dresses come in a mixture of designs, from floral prints to solid colours, from strap dresses to bandeau tops. It’s very common during summer seasons. It makes one look comfortable and fresh.

dress names list,different types of dresses for different occasions
Most people think Maxi Dress is for tall and slender women. While these do look good on tall and lean frames, but women who have other body types should not be afraid of wearing these fabulous dresses. There is a maxi dress for almost every body type, be it curvy, pear shaped, apple shaped, rectangular or short women.

The right way to wear a maxi dress:
  • Pair it with pants: a long skin fit maxi with a pant will look fabulous.
  • Keep a breezy style grounded by pairing it with Platforms.
  • A long sleeves maxi will always look cool, pair it with pumps and a clutch.
  • A long white maxi, paired with a black leather jacket and a gladiator and you’re ready to flaunt.
  • Turtlenecks bring an amazing edginess to maxi dress.
  • A feminine maxi dress, with white sneakers is a perfect outfit combination this summer.
  • Slit maxi dress is also in fashion.

Bodycon Dress

It has been a wardrobe affix for most ladies who love to flaunt their curves. It has been one of the most wanted fashion trends, not only on the landing strip, but also by celebrities on red carpet events. In fact, it is slowly becoming a classic staple similar to the LBD.

The bodycon dress comes from the term ‘bodycon’, summarised form of ‘body conscious’. As the term implies, bodycon dresses are a style of skin tight clothing that emphasises the contours of the body. They are also sometimes called bandage dresses but not all bodycon dresses are of the bandage dress nature. Both the bandage dress and bodycon dress are meant for flaunting a woman's figure.

Bodycon dresses adhere to every curve and bump of the body, so it takes a confident woman to lucratively carry the look off. The form-fitting nature of the dress emphasises the silhouette and lends itself most effectively to slim and curvaceous women.

party dresses for girls, red dress for pub
If you are a first time bodycon dress wearer, it is best to plump for plain ones first – go for dark ones, if possible. It is well known that black is a slimming colour; add that with a gratifying bodycon dress silhouette and you have a stunner ensemble. This will help you decide if you truly like the bodycon trend.

Accessories for the bodycon dress:
  • Basically a bodycon is an evening wear, with elegant or glamorous accessories.
  • High heeled shoes or boots, with a stiletto heel are very popular when pair with a bodycon dress. Thigh high boots are daring and gives a sexy and sensual look.
  • Belts are very useful accessories to pair with the dress and it also help in breaking the monotony of the black dress.
  • Jewellery like Dangly earrings or a long neck piece adds a charming look to your personality.


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9 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

We all talk about & know about relationships, isn’t it? Yeah of course we do…roll your eyes around and you see so many of them right? So what does a relationship mean? Does that mean just spending time together? Think!! Well according to my understanding “relationship” means “bonding your time together”.

So here are some ways you can think of cementing your relationship till eternity:
  1. Love thy self:
    Remember when you love yourself you spread love as well because you are happy from within. Enjoy your “me time”. Have your privacy but not any secrecy in the relationship. Spend time with your family and friends for they treasure you, love you and so love them back. In this process you will love yourself more, trust my words.
  2. Communicate:
    The most important of all I feel. Don’t hold back grudges. Have respect for each other and if any misunderstandings crop up sort it out then and there. How you both respond to each other’s good news is also key. Show excitement and pride and your bond is strengthened but show indifference or (as competitive couples often do) annoyance and risk damaging what you have.
  3. What’s cooking:
    Cook your Sunday brunches together. This increases your bonding, your experimentation with food and cooking as well!! Enjoy the kitchen romance
  4. Compliments:
    Appreciation is important. It shouldn’t be just once in a blue moon but every day. Trying to find more positive aspects of your partner, highlighting them than the negative ones are what a true relationship demands. Sit across the coffee table after your hectic day and compliment your partner. If nothing then say “thank you for being in my life” and you made your partner’s day…rather night (wink).
  5. Gaming:
    Pillow fight or go to paint ball or bowling or cards…make funny face drawings of each other…anything that you both have interest in. Just be crazy…at times you need to be!
  6. Happy relationships, couple goals, eternal love, keep relationships healthy, tips, tricks, ways
  7. Common interests:
    It’s very important that you both have a common space. It might be the usual ones like watching movies, going on a spree or reading, or photography: to make it fun you can click selfies (they are so in…you already have loads of them ) or make funny faces to something unusual (most might think) like watching the stars with the handy telescope you have in your backyard or …just enjoy…life is too short to live up to regrets.
  8. Travelling:
    Ok! here’s the recent trend of landing in unusual places: it’s all about going beneath the surface at exotic destinations around the globe with new age experimental travel. Fancy chasing the northern lights or hunting eagles in Mongolia? Or closer to home visiting a near by countryside over a weekend. It’s not about how many places you go but having an immensely rewarding personal experience.
  9. Be expressive.
    Shower your love and treasure it in those intimate moments you share. Have you heard about touch therapy? Well it seals your relationship even more: holding hands and hugging each other can increase the level of trust.
  10. Mute it:
    Cut-off from that tech world…silent your mobiles, ipads and other social networking for love is never online when you have your partner in front of you. Give yourself a break from the virtual world of twitter, facebook or instagram.
To start a relationship is easy but to maintain it is when you stand the test of time. Many people might think how on earth are these 9 things the only ways to keep you and your partner happy? Well these are not just tips but few of our habits to maintain a happy relationship.

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9 Key Features of CRM

CRM- Customer Relationship Management

CRM is all about acquiring, retaining, communicating and understanding customers through various customer touch points. It is all about communicating, understanding, customizing the product with respect to the individual and ultimately expand the service base.

The main motives of CRM are:

  1. Manage relationship with existing customers.
  2. The main idea is to tap into the latent demand of existing customers to increase profit.
  3. Organize necessary datainto useful business information.
  4. Track the relationship with current and future customers.

Main features of Customer Relationship Management:

  • Proper security and accessibility
    CRM makes sure that the data of the company is stored securely and is flexible. Access is to the needed information is always there but not compromising on the security-edged issues.
  • Product Support
    CRM effectively collects information about the customers and partners and this helps to manage the customer experience. It finds out the when, why, where, how, etc. about the client.
  • Billing Function
    CRM is effectively functioning when it tracks down the billing and invoice status of every client. This ensures organization of financial information and reviews the frequency of payments.
  • Monitoring the hardware
    CRM software with hardware monitoring features helps with the status availability of hot spots, routers and other network equipment, thus saving time and so it deals directly with customers.
  • Integration with External applications
    This is a very important feature wherein CRM integrates internal and external applications. This is crucial when the main motive is to collect and maintain accurate customer information without any duplication.
  • Reporting of data
    A truly effective CRM system also helps to analyze the existing data while entering and organizing the data to create a flexible and realistic customer database is a key function of CRM solutions. It will be hard to find customer behavior trends without a data reporting component. It would be difficult to understand which actions need to be taken to improve a customer relationship.
    Part of effective CRM software are : exporting, compiling and analyzing marketing data or customer billing analysis tools are all.
  • Automation
    Another advantage is that a CRM system helps the business automate its processes. It is one of the most unique features as it depends upon the company as to which tasks will benefit most from automation. Remember not every integration will be profitable for every company.
  • Integration which is easy and simple
    CRM helps in the effectiveness and simplicity in integration. So, the company workers can also work and implement CRM strategy without much difficulty. This is a feature which concentrates on simplicity and flexibility of integration in companies and business enterprises thus showing the effectiveness of CRM.
  • Mobile access
    Remote access is the ability to see CRM data on a PC or computer; mobile access refers to the ability to see CRM on a mobile phone.
    This is necessary for field sales personnel as he requires contact information and other basics. This can therefore help him to collect and access to sales collateral, data from back-office systems and organizational schedules in order to complete deals
    Another important thing is to know how the companies would use the above features to establish the required point of contact, below are few examples:
    1. Create a database (preparing customer’s profile is the first strategy)
    2. Understanding customer touch points
    3. Sending him emails and SMS
    4. Broader participation of the clients with the company in all aspects.

Example: Automation of Contact Center

Contact Center Automation is the practice where there is an integrated system coordinating all the types of contacts between an organization and the public. It is designed to reduce the banal and repetitive tasks of a contact center agent’s job.

Contact center automation can prevent this by using pre-recorded audio messages that help customers solve their problems .These software tools can also be integrated with the agent’s desktop tools to address customer queries and requests thereby saving time on behalf of the employees. Thus, we can see how Contact Center Automation is a nice example of CRM.

Modern marketing has many techniques for implementing CRM. CLP that is Customer Loyalty Programme is one of them. Different companies depending upon the sectors offer CLP programmes.
The above features of CRM ensure the effectiveness of the company to deal with its customers.

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Watir - Open Source Web Testing tool

What do you mean by Watir?

Web Application Testing in Ruby (Watir) is an open source testing tool. It is one of the popular open source testing tools. Lets us now have a look at its features, advantages, disadvantages and its comparison with Selenium.

Features of Watir QA testing tool

  • The test scripts are written in Ruby language.
  • It supports multiple domains and has a test recorder.
  • It can find elements by its name, index, ID or value.
  • WatirWebDriver supports browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari with help of ChromeWatir, FirefoxWatir and SafariWatir respectively.

Watir’s advantages
  • It is very easy to learn.
  • It is very easy to debug
Watir’s disadvantages
  • To use Watir you need to learn Ruby language because it supports no other language.

Comparison of Watir and Selenium

  • Selenium supports multiple languages.
  • It supports multiple browsers.
  • In order to install Selenium IDE, we need to first install Firefox because Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin.

  • Watir supports only Ruby language.
  • WatirWebDriver supports multiple browsers like IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox browser and Opera.

How to install Watir?

The installation process consists of two steps. First install Ruby and then Watir. Ruby installation on Windows
Before installing Ruby on your machine it’s always better to check whether you have already installed it. You can check this by running the given below command from your command prompt.
ruby– v
Note: If Ruby is installed on your machine, then its version will be displayed. If not then a message will be displayed stating that it is not a recognized command.

The steps for installing Ruby on Windows are as follows.
  • Install the latest version of Ruby using RubyInstaller. It is an easy way to install Ruby. Initially Ruby was installed by using one-click installer but now you can prefer RubyInstaller.
  • Open the above link and then click on “Downloads’.The downloads page will be opened
  • Click on the latest version of Ruby and run the installer. Follow the steps that are shown on the screen.
  • Click on your Start menu and check which entries have been created after installing Ruby.
  • You can also verify the installed Ruby version with the help of the command ruby –v
  • Once you have installed Ruby, you can download an open source editor to write programs in Ruby. There are many open source editors available. For example Notepad++. You can download the one you mostly prefer.
  • Link to download Notepad++

Updating RubyGems
RubyGems are softwares written in Ruby. They are also called gems.It is very important to update RubyGems because the installation of Ruby may not contain the latest version of RubyGems.

Syntax to find version of gems (run this command from command prompt)

Syntax to update RubyGems
gem update --system
Watir Installation
  • Open the Command Prompt
  • Run this command to install Watir
    gem install watir
  • Please note that if you are installing from behind a proxy, add this command at the end after any gem update or gem install.
    -p http://name_of_your_proxyserver:-port_of_your_proxyserver

How to create a Watir script?

The steps are as follows
  • Open an editor. Write the below code in it.
    require watir # load the watir library
    browser =
    browser = Watir::Browser.start(“”)
  • Note - # is a comment. The text followed after this symbol is ignored.
  • Save it as samplefile.rb (Here rb is the extension used for Ruby files)
How to run the script?
  • Open the command prompt window and run the Watir test script.
    ruby C:\samplefile.rb
  • After you execute the above command an IE browser will be opened with the specified URL.

Watir Syntax

The syntax used in Watir is as follows.
  • To load library
  • To open a browser and a specified URL
  • With help of goto syntax we can open a specified URL
    . browser.goto(“”)
  • To close the browser browser.close
  • To access elements
    • Buttons
      p=browser.button(:value, “Submit Form”)
    • Text area or text box
      b=browser.text_field(:name, “customer_firstname”)
    • Checkbox
      cb=browser.checkbox(:name, “enabled”)
    • Radio button, “select activity type”)

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