Importance of Hopeless Situations in Life

Hopeless Situations, all of us have been through such conditions or may be some of us still find ourselves in such situations. Hopeless situations literally mean situations where we are devoid of any hope of a positive result. But do we really need to be so pessimistic at such times? Are we missing a ray of hope somewhere? Can situations really become so bad that we can't take anything positive out of them? Today I, who has been through many hopeless situations, would be sharing lessons I have learnt from such times.

Our Mentality in Hopeless Situations

It is not like out of the blue that we find ourselves in bad situations, rather many of us can anticipate them coming but we are not able to fight ourselves out of it. All of us fight to avoid such conditions and sometimes no matter how much we try, or fight, we are not able to control things and outcome is the same, heading for a disaster. It is difficult to think calmly when things are going bad around us and the pressure is too much to handle for any normal person. But does this mean we should surrender without fight? No, never!

No matter what happens, things could have been worse, and we have to work our way through such conditions to be a real winner. After all, life can never be a bed of roses, life is full of sufferings. Winners don't inherit victories, they create and earn it. Marathon is not won without sweating in the sun; it is won by challenging the limits of human potential against nature.

Do you know what the best part of hopeless situations is? It is the HOPELESSNESS!!! In such situations, we have an extra advantage of knowing that we are about to lose, and now we can forget the fear of losing and can devote our energy on trying to survive for as much time as we can. This fight for survival polishes the character of a human being. This teaches us lessons which ideal situations can't teach. And these lessons will keep us in good stride for future battles that life puts us in. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Key to be a Winner ALWAYS

The key to gain from hopeless situations is not to get disheartened under the pressure of losing. Moreover, one should accept that odds are against us, and instead of taking stress we should try to enjoy the pain. It is easier said than done, but haven't we learnt that easier things don't have as much value as tougher things have. So how can we convert this loss to win, this suffering to relief?

One should face every situation with an intent to learn, rather than to win or conquer. If your intention is to learn, you will win in every situation, since every experience will teach us lessons, which books and classrooms won't. Remember, the worse the condition is, bigger are the lessons to be learnt. This feeling of learning from hopeless situations itself will give you the power to smile and keep you hopeful for the battles ahead.
Besides learning, we also need to think during such situations. Think
  • Why I am in such a situation?
  • What decisions have led us here?
  • Why we made such choices?
  • Where we can correct ourselves?
  • What changes we need to bring about in ourselves and others to be in better position?

What to do in such Hopeless situations?

FIGHT as much you can rather than accepting the inevitable just like that. Rewind the clock, ANALYSE where you started to go wrong and try to CORRECT yourself. Even if the outcomes are not up to your expectations, KEEP TRYING. Remember, bigger the loss, more important the lesson learnt. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch. Life doesn't give us the liberty of the Undo button.

Be ready for long haul
There is no magic wand which will make you undo all the mistakes you made, nor will you get back to winning ways overnight. Life doesn't become rosy with the blink of an eye; you need to be patient to fight the gloom around you. The more you stumble, the more you need to learn in order to become a winner. Don't complain about the situation, fight it. And if at any point of time, you feel the need of some 'feel-good' factor, think about people who are in worse situations as compared to you, if they can survive, why can't you?

Good situations make us complacent and we start to feel that we are perfect but adverse conditions teach us things which we have been ignoring. We are able to pin point our weaknesses on which we need to work on.

Don’t lose hope in hopeless situations nor is the need to complain, fight your way through because a sweet sunshine is waiting for you on the other side of this dark canal. Go grab it!

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