4 Cute Ways To Pacify Your Angry Spouse

How to Deal With an Angry Partner

Is it really safe to ask your partner to take a chill pill when he or she is really angry? I guess it is best not to say something that can flare up an argument. If your partner is angry because of you, then be even more cautious. Defending yourself will be like adding fuel to the fire. We need to understand that nobody is upset by choice there is always a reason. So, as a first step to calm your partner down, you should let your partner vent out their emotions. Here are some ideas that will definitely help.

1. Humor- Yes manners are good but humor is a must in a relationship. We all are attracted to people who have a good sense of humor. Humor takes the centre stage when it comes to sustaining a relationship or calming down your partner. When he/she gets angry turn on their favorite music and ask them to dance or even better, dance on the same notes in a weird funnier way! That should definitely improve their mood. I will tell you something funny: just repeat the words your spouse says, keep on repeating them until he/she become quite and that will force them to laugh.

2. Speak the truth- When they shout at you, don’t shout back or reply angrily. Instead confess that you get scared and feel hurt when treated like that. They will lovingly disengage themselves from their angry self.

3. Know your partners melting point- Aha this is very crucial to note down folks. There are times when you will hate your significant or better half for the kind of behavior they present. But trust me behind their red facade is a golden heart that you once traded with yours. So research a little about your dear one, what, when, how does your sweetheart get upset or irritated and then try to figure out ways to handle such situations if they crop up! To melt away the anger be genuinely sorry if you have made a blunder. Accept the punishment and from the next time make sure that degree Celsius is not shot up!

4. Don’t ever run away- Okay many have the habit of abstaining from the main point and bringing in other ‘not so important’ point and fighting over it. Handle it well and please don’t refrain from the point. Communication is a must. This will not make your partner feel frustrated or resentful otherwise they will think that you simply don’t care.

Anger is like fire, it will burn everything down. So be calm, be patient and you will notice the anger cascading. Don’t forget you can always take help from near and dear ones if the situation is not manageable all by yourself. Many people gather the wrong notion of not seeking help as they feel ashamed (they think people will think that they are adults but still can’t handle such situations). But that is incorrect. In that way they are digging their own graves. Life will invite numerous twists and turns or ups and downs but to maintain the balance in a relationship you have to maintain inner peace yourself. Understand that your spouse has a lot of pressure like you; at the end of the day we all are human beings. If both are of the same temperament then you guys will only repeal and worsen the condition, the strength of our relationship. So keep calm, back-off for a while, try to judge the gravity of the situation and finally act.

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