Is Fruit only diet REALLY helping you lose weight?

Can Too Much Fruit Stall Weight Loss?

Fructose, the sugar in organic product, can prompt weight pick up in the event that you eat too much fruit. Fructose, the normal sugar found in foods grown from the ground, has raised numerous an eyebrow due to its impact on weight. Be that as it may, all types fructose do not have the same type of effect on weight. There's a kind of fructose that you get in the entire organic product, and after that there's one that is defined into a sweetener for sustenance items like pop, which has been connected to well being issues, including solid cholesterol levels and decreased insulin levels.

Impact On The Liver

The organic product sugar would be beneficial for the body,fructose has certain negative impacts when consumed in unreasonable amounts. The liver gets over-burdened and begins processing excessive triglycerides, which can lead to coronary illness. Notwithstanding this, a portion of the triglycerides can stay in your liver, diminishing insulin affect-ability and adding to the risk of diabetes.

Organic products are nature's great blessing to the humanity; surely, they are life-changing meds full of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and numerous supplements (Plant determined micro-nutrients). They are an outright devour to our sight in view of their shading and flavor as well as for their one of a kind sustenance profile that help human body free from maladies and keep it solid!


Natural products are low in calories and fat and are a wellspring of straightforward sugars, fiber, and vitamins, which are key for improving our well being.

Natural products give a lot of dis-solvable dietary fiber, which cuts down cholesterol and fats from the body and to help in smooth motions. Natural products made of numerous anti oxidants, for example, poly-phenolic flavonoids, vitamin-C etc. These mixes, firstly, help human body shielded from oxidant anxiety, ailments, and malignancies, and furthermore; help the body create ability to battle against these infirmities by boosting our invulnerability level. Numerous organic products, when contrasted with vegetables and oats, have high hostile to oxidant values, which is measured as far as their "Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity" or (ORAC).

Anthocyanins are a flavonoid class of poly-phenolic mixes found in some "blue-organic products" like violet grapes, mulberries, acai berry, chokeberry, blueberries, blackberries, and in numerous vegetables which are slightly blue or dark purple colors. Consuming fruits rich in blue offers numerous medical advantages. These mixes have intense hostile to oxidant properties that expel free radicals from the body, and therefore offer security against ageing, diseases, and so on.

Some Healthy natural products that slow down weight reduction
  • Low calorie Strawberry Parfait for the individuals who have a sweet tooth , improving Breakfast taste even like a pastry
  • Blueberry Banana Smoothie
  • Apple and Veggie Sausage Breakfast Sandwich
  • Creamy wheat Berry Hot Cereal.

The Berry Factor

Blueberries, strawberries, and acai berries may put the brakes on age-related subjective decay by protecting the mind's common "servant" component, which accompanies age. Studies demonstrate that blueberries support "fixation and memory" for up to five hours in light of the fact that "the cell reinforcements in blueberries fortify the stream of blood and oxygen to the cerebrum and muscles – and keep the mind and body new and invigorated.

Dry organic products are rich in supplements, for example, vitamins and minerals. Utilisation of some dry natural products day by day improves the general bio-availability of supplements. Try raisins (dried grapes), goji berry, apricots, dates, figs, tamarind etc. which are undoubtedly great in iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and manganese. Likewise, blending dry natural products with some crisp organic products would help you get vitamin C which thus encourages complete assimilation of iron inside the stomach.

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7 Ways to Improve Eating Habits Overnight

Consume More Fruits And Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are the most accessible and portable food and the best part is these are so important and have to be included in your diet. There are many reasons as to why it is important to include them in your diet. They are basically nutritional powerhouses into your daily diet. Let’s see a few reasons why it should be included every day in your food:

  • The Problem Of Obesity Is Increasing Everyday
    We are getting obese and this is nothing but largely the result of being overfed and undernourished coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. The truth is the rise in obesity is at an all time high. What is happening is we are eating nutrient void, caloric-ally dense “sub-foods” which are loaded with fat, sugar, calories and chemicals and therefore we are gaining weight at rapid speed. To solve this and to lead a healthier life we need to consume fruits and vegetables daily. Therefore, so much weight age is given to it rather than high calorie foods.
  • It Is Best To Protect Your Health
    Fruits and vegetables protect you from chronic diseases. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that helps us be fit. These diseases and problems can be painful, debilitating and even fatal in some cases. It is seen that fruits and vegetables have the capability of protecting us against many problems. These problems may include heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, eye disease and more.
  • Eating Fruit And Vegetables Boosts Your Immune System.
    We must have studied that our immune system is like an internal army. If it is healthy and strong, it protects its border against invasion. A weakened immune system is an open invitation to virus and bacterial invasion. Eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet is an therefore important key to remain fit always.
  • Fruits And Vegetables Keep You Full For Longer.
    Health is important we all know but what also is a good thing about eating fruits and vegetables is that it keeps you full and you don’t feel hungry often. It gives you an inner satisfaction which is difficult to get otherwise.
  • It Also Boosts Your Confidence.
    It is a fact that high calorie food but is damaging to our mental and emotional health as well. If you eat well, you fell well. We feel lazy and tired after eating this kind of food, but if we eat fruits and vegetables we naturally feel good and more powerful and active.
  • Part Of A Treatment Plan.
    Fruits and vegetables are not only a healthy food option but also it helps in treatment against symptoms, illness, conditions and even disease. This is because of the benefits coming from the vital nutrients within certain fruits and vegetables. The best part is it comes without the harsh and painful side effects usually during medicines intake.
  • It Gives You More Energy.
    A healthy diet along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle will give you lasting energy. This is a fact and with this whatever you do can be done in a better way. Therefore it is highly recommended to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. As we have seen there are many reasons as to why it is important to include it in your diet. They are basically nutritional powerhouses into your daily diet.

We must have studied that our immune system is like an internal army. If it is healthy and strong, it protects its border against invasion. A weakened immune system is an open invitation to virus and bacterial invasion. Eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet is an therefore important key to remain fit always. A healthy diet along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle will give you lasting energy. Therefore it is highly recommended to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are basically nutritional powerhouses into your daily diet.
So, with this let’s make sure we eat fruits and vegetables and pave the way to a happier, healthier and fitter lifestyle.

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Market Potential of a Product: Definition & Analysis Example

What is market potential?

Market potential is defined as the total of the market size for a product at a given period of time. It is always calculated at a specific time. The measurement of market potential is usually done by two ways-either by sales value or by sales volume.

Example of market potential

The market potential for five motor bikes may be Rs 50,000,000 in a year. On the other hand, the market potential for cars may be 500,000 units each year. Now, this is a measure of sales volume rather than sales value.

We should know that the market potential is just a snapshot in time. It's a fluid number that changes. It is dynamic which changes with the economic environment. It represents the upper limits of the market for a product. For example, the demand for products that are typically financed, like cars and houses will be affected by rising and falling interest rates.

Market Potential Analysis

Marketing process will be successful if we find out the market potential of a product and therefore it requires marketing research. First of all, analysis of your potential customer base is important. Then analyze your competition because they are who you compete with and very importantly analyzing the current environmental conditions. It is because current environmental conditions may affect market potential and it is therefore important.

How to determine Market potential for any product or service?

1)  Analyzing Potential Customer Base

Important information that is required will be:
•   The population size of your target market
•   their product preferences
•   their household income.
And hence we can come to know about the number of potential customers and whether they can actually afford the product. You need to determine the size and demographic characteristics of your potential consumers

We can analyze the data using either primary data or secondary data. Both are effective and are used. Primary data is the first hand information, and secondary data is the second hand information which is not directly obtained.

2) Analyzing Competition

If you are willing to bring out a new product in the market you have to analyze your competitors well. It is said that a marketer should know its future competitors to actually position himself in the market. You have to know the competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and for that SWOT analysis is important.

3) Analyzing the Current Environment

We all know that market potential is not a static concept. It is absolutely dynamic which changes with the general economic and political environment.

For example:
•   If interest rates go up, the demand for a particular product will go down and this will decrease the product's overall market potential.
•   A change in tax rates may also suppress spending less money is available on discretionary purchases, thereby reducing a product's overall market potential.
•   On the other hand, market potential can increase if wages increase, taxes are lowered or interest rates decline. Thus to conclude we can say that market potential is defined as the total of the market size for a product at a given period of time.

What is Actual Market?

Actual Market is a type of environment situated in the market which is characterized by heavy transaction volume and day to day transactions hold importance in it. It can be called as commodity market because commodities in actual market are delivered immediately.

The actual market is basically concerned with the buying and selling of commodities. Commodities are tangible goods that are needed by humans. It usually involves diverse types of products.

Commodities are goods which can be of three types. The first one being FMCG products also known as fast moving consumer goods. These goods are needed every now and then like salt, sugar, rice, Colgate etc. Then we have durable goods which are long lasting and their need arises once in a while, like TV, ac, fridge, sofa set.

And then lastly, we have speciality goods. These are expensive goods which when bought adds status and pride to our value. Like ancient articles, jewellery, paintings. These goods are bought with care and a lot of thought unlike FMCG which can be bought without a second thought.

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Effects of Thermal Pollution

With the given demand for cooling in power generation and other industrial processes, the extent of thermal pollution worldwide is huge and wide spread. It is mostly observed in the more mechanised countries. The countries of Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia show this trend majorly which is in the heavy influence of thermal pollution. The adversity of thermal pollution is usually related either to chemical contamination or biological contamination. These combined causes of pollution can create rigorous stresses on aqua-biotic ecosystems.

Effects of Thermal Pollution

There are mainly two schools of thought regarding their perception about the effects of thermal pollution. According to the first school of thought, without these industries operating like they do then many basic parts of human life would be rendered obsolete. Waste water will not be maintained properly and basic products won’t be provided then.On the other hand, according to the other group, there are more negatives of this on the marine ecosystems and how badly it reprimands the positive environmental practices. But it is very clear that the negatives outweigh the benefits that industries provide us with.

• Biodiversity Loss – With even a small glitch or dent in the aquatic system related to biological activity well being, there can be a heavy loss faced on the biodiversity front. As far as the changing conditions of the environment prevail, it may lead to make certain species of organisms to shift or migrate from their base. Again there can be many species that shift due to warmer waters prevailing in the water bodies. It is not easy for all the species to adjust to the warmer waters and some might have a lot of difficulty due to this.

• Disruption of Reproductive System – There is a noticeable pause and disruption in the reproduction of marine wildlife with also the likelihood of prevalence of defects in new born having increased considerably. This happens mainly due to the increased temperature conditions as reproduction happens within certain range of temperature only. Several activities like nest building, spawning, hatching, reproduction and migration depend hugely on an optimum temperature. Excessively higher temperatures can wane the release of immature eggs or prevent the normal development of eggs.

• Decrease in Dissolved Oxygen Levels – It is observed that the concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) decreases with increase in temperature. The water with higher temperature reduces the levels of (DO) in water. The warm water holds relatively lesser amount of oxygen in dissolved form than cold water. With this condition of decreased presence of dissolved oxygen can create suffocation for plants and animals like fishes, amphibians and copepods due to anaerobic conditions. Also with warmer waters, algae can thrive better on the surface of water. More the algae more will the anaerobic conditions prevail in the water.

• Mortality & Migration of Aquatic Organisms– Thermal pollution is a major reason for the mortality of aquatic animals. Fishes die after a certain temperature due to failure of respiratory and nervous system. Again there are cases of migration taking place due to higher temperatures to more suitable environment catering for their requirements of survival. We might lose those species which depends on those species as a food source.

• Abnormal Metabolism – Thermal pollution causes the metabolic rate to increase of organisms. This makes them consume more food as their enzyme levels are increased rather than the normal conditions. Temperature plays an important role in the proper functioning of physiology, metabolism and biochemical processes which controls factors like respiratory rates, digestion, excretion and development of organisms. This disrupts the balance within the food chain and the species composition.

• Increased Toxins – more the flow of higher temperature waters from the industrial discharges more is the increased concentration of toxins into the water. Huge increase in the toxins that are being regurgitated into the water bodies. These toxins contain chemicals or radiation which have a harsh impact on the local ecology and becomes prone to diseases. The toxicity with warmer waters gets even more poisonous. At a higher temperature of even 10 degree Celsius doubles the toxic effect of Potassium Cyanide and O-Xylene at 80 degree Celsius causes tremendous fish mortality.

• Ecological Impact – With a sudden thermal shock from thermal pollution has the capability of mass killing of fish, insects, plants or amphibians. Warmer waters are not favorable for all types of species which might be better for only few species. Little increase in temperature has higher activities but then goes on decreasing with further rise. Some species are very sensitive and they undergo drastic changes in metabolism and other adverse cellular biological effects.

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What is Dosanomics? Raghuram Rajan's Dosa Economics explained

Mr. Raghuram Rajan is an Indian Economist and a distinguished Professor at the University of Chicago. Mr. Rajan was the Chief Economist and Director at the IMF between 2003 and 2006, the Chief Economic Advisor of India in 2012 and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India from 2013 to 2016. During his governorship he worked with a vision to bring down inflation rates, bring out large scale financial inclusion in the Indian masses, promote digitalization in the Indian Banking System and dig out bad loans that lay hidden in the Indian PSBs- a move that has opened the nation’s eyes that all is not well with the Banking system. Unlike many of his predecessors in India and peers around the world he is known for his bold and massively unpopular steps when it came to bringing India’s economy on track.

During one of his public speeches and press meetings he tried to explain his move to bring down inflation. He wanted to convey that a low interest rate with a low inflation rate is much better than a high interest rate with a high inflation rate. During his tenure the inflation rate had been controlled to 5% from 10% and as a result the bank term rates also fell from 10% to 8%. This left the conservative term deposit lovers disgruntled. So, to explain his move and to instill the basics of economics in the minds of the masses he used the simple example of a Masala dosa, thus the term Dosanomics.
Here’s his example:

Scenario 1

High inflation 10%

dosa economics wiki, dosanomics meaning, raghuram rajan dosa question
The saver knows that he can get more dosas if he just kept his money in a bank’s Term Deposit at 10% p.a. for one year. By the end of 1 year he gets Rs. 10,000 (100,000*10%) plus the original Rs. 100,000. So with Rs. 110,000 he can buy 2200 dosas. But here’s the catch! The economy is experiencing a 10% inflation rate. This means that the cost of a dosa has risen by 10% from Rs. 50 to Rs. 55. So effectively he can buy (Rs. 10,000/55) 182 dosas and not 200 dosas from the interest money at the end of a year.

Scenario 2

Low inflation 5.5%

dosa economics wiki, dosanomics meaning, raghuram rajan dosa question
If the saver deposited his money for a year @ 8% p.a. he would get Rs. 8000 as interest and he would be able to buy (8000/50) 160 extra dosas. But at the same time the inflation has reduced from 10% to 5.5%. that makes the cost of a masala dosa Rs 52.75. Thus the new number of dosas he can buy is (8000/52.75) 152 dosas.

After having read until now you must be wondering about the effectiveness of the Dosanomics, isn’t it? The calculation is wrong somewhere. So where is the error?

During high inflation one can buy 1818 dosas with Rs. 100,000 at Rs 55 per unit and 1896 dosas during low inflation. So ultimately,
High Inflation; High Interest Rate-- No of dosas: 1818+182=2000 dosas.
Low Inflation; Bit Low Interest Rate-- No. of Dosas: 1896+152=2048 dosas.

By this Dosanomics we now know that the savers are earning (48/2000) 2.5% more dosas at lower inflation levels!

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