Benefits of eating dry fruits in morning

Dry fruits are fruits that have been dehydrated which means they are devoid of their water content. Though they do not contain water, dry fruits retain nutrition. And that is why they are said to be very nutritious and at the same time extremely delicious. Raisins, almonds, dried peaches, dried apricots, prunes, figs and dates come under dehydrated fruits. In some cases even berries are included in the list due to usage of modern methods of dehydration.


Most dry fruits fulfil your daily requirement of fibre.Fibre helps in easy digestion of food. After fruits the highest source of fibre are dry fruits. Dry fruits contain at least 14 grams of dietary fibre per 1000 calories. Best sources of fibre in dry fruits come from-
  • Apricots- Apricots are the richest and the best deal in terms of fibre among all other dried fruits. They have around 5 grams of fibre in one and half cup for 160 calories.
  • Cranberries- One and half cup of cranberries have at least 3.5 grams of fibre for 190 calories.
  • Prunes- Prunes are dried plums. One half cup of prunes has more than 6 grams of fibre in 200 calories.
  • Raisins- One and half cup of raisins provide for 3 grams of fibre and about 250 calories.

When dates play the Iron Man

Dates are a great source of iron. So much so that it is recommended to anaemic patients. Iron increases haemoglobin level in the blood. It is especially beneficial to women who are often low on this. So next time as a desert, pick a date!

Almonds for the hair, please!

Dry fruits like almonds are great for the hair. While they give you energy and a sharp memory, they also strengthen your hair from the inside. Almonds contain vitamin E that is beneficial for the hair and makes it shinier. Make almonds a part of your diet.

Apart from almonds dates are also a boon to our hair because of their rich iron content which reduces hair fall and other hair related problems.

Blueberries- the king of antioxidants

The presence of antioxidants in blueberries makes it very beneficial for hair and skin. Substances in blueberries that are loaded with antioxidants include anthocyanins and various phytochemicals. Some of these can even cross the brain blood barrier and protect the brain and improve your brain’s functioning. Blueberries thus are like brain food.

The low fat treat

For all those who are weight conscious, dry fruits come as a good news to them. Although dry fruits do contain calories, but with a whole package of nutrients and also it is said to increase metabolism. Dry fruits contain essential fats and carbohydrates that are needed by your body.

The Perfect Snack

Dry fruits make the perfect goodies to munch on. Not only do they fill your nutritional needs, they also provide energy and fill up your stomach like any other meal. Dry fruits should become your best snack keeping health in mind. One can add dry fruits as their daily diet snack. Unlike other processed snack foods, dry fruits do no harm but only good and they are delicious at the same time.

Easy storage

Sodium sulphate is added to dry fruits to preserve them and retain their colour. Hence storing dry fruits even at home becomes very easy. Sodium sulphate is usually harmless. Minerals present in the fruit are retained after dehydration.

We agree that dry fruits can sometimes be very expensive but keeping health in mind other junk foods might bear a heavy cost when it comes to your health. Here is a tip- always buy dry fruits in bulk. They come cheaper that way.

Another benefit of dry fruits is that they can be added as a topping to your ice-cream, morning cereal and they deliver taste in many other forms.

The best part of eating dry fruits is that they come in large varieties of choices like dried apples, peaches, berries, pears, dates, apricots, bananas, figs, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, peanuts and many more. Pick your choice!

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