Can you Drink Alcohol and still Diet?

Can you drink beer on a diet? A glass of wine or a can of cold beer can alleviate one’s tension and stress from a long day’s work. Especially when there is an office party and drinks are flowing like a river, right! But today let’s think about alcohol adding extra calories to our diet; Spoils the mood, doesn’t it? The sad fact about alcohol is that it adds calories to our already calorie high every day meals. From a health point of view alcohol after meals is a big no. But what if one can diet and still drink?

We have come up with ways which doesn’t leave one unsatisfied in either of the aspects.

Counting calories

While following a diet, we keep a track of what goes into our body, are aware of what we eat and how many calories and in what quantity we are consuming. It is better to refer to a calorie chart and accordingly decide whether to consume something or not. By counting calories we do not mean cutting on the quantity of food but improving the quality of food that is consumed. One must avoid eating high calorific food and later compensate for it by eating less later because that’s not the way this diet works.

Food before drinks

The next thing one has to take care of is your meal before indulging in a drink. The rule is to not drink before eating. One can fill up with a healthy meal before you decide to drink. Doing this will keep you filled and you end up drinking less alcohol. Never let yourself drink first and compensate for it later because that goes completely against the diet.

Low calorie drinks

Fancy drinks like cosmopolitans and other drinks that have added juices are never a good option. Apart from the calories from the alcohol itself, the sweetened drinks also need to be accounted for. They are just a hindrance to the purpose of the diet.

Small sips

Out for a night of craziness? But throwing down shots and chugging down alcohol is not a smart thing to do. Craziness ends up in craziness. Before one even realises the amount being consumed, one is already drunk and ready to drink more. We know that the next day is spent regretting (or at least reliving the craziness ) the drinks and the bad hangover doesn’t help. So it is wise to order not more than two drinks and try to take small sips of your drink. Drinking slow is a sign of maturity and it makes you seem wise too.

The hydrating agent- H2O

Do not forget to keep drinking water throughout the day especially after a night of drinking. Alcohol makes one dehydrated and the only way to solve this is to keep drinking water. Carry a bottle of water everywhere and make a habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. One body needs water more than alcohol (Well, alcohol isn’t even in the requirement list).

No binge eating

Avoid eating junk at all costs. Binge eating on junk foods like potato chips, donuts, cupcakes, bagels, chocolates are completely off limits. Drinking adds more than enough calories (quite a lot, actually) over your meals. Binge eating will end up making you bloated and also somewhat of an alcoholic. Thinking of binging on the bar of chocolates you bought today? Think again. It is not too late to change your eating habits. Instead, think about your fitness idol and work towards achieving that great body!

Plan out your diet

In order to keep diet in control, one needs to make a weekly diet chart. Making a week’s diet menu will let one have a control of meals (which we expect will be healthy). Add no space for junk foods and desserts. It is important to know that one drink of beer contains calories equivalent to that of a week’s worth of daily bread. That is why we recommend to completely stay off foods with high calories.

With these tips, lets try to add more fibre to our diet and eat food with minimum calories and maximum nutrients. Cheers!

Disclaimer: The ideas shared in this article are not to be taken as medical opinion. These are solely suggestions provided by the writers which may not be suitable for people of all body types/health conditions. It is advisable to follow your doctor’s/nutritionist’s advice if one is undergoing a treatment or has a medical condition.

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