Simple ways to boost your metabolism overnight

Skipping meals and having a little salad for lunch does nothing to satisfy the hungry monster within us. On the one hand there is the devil telling us to give into temptation to eat what we love and on the other hand is our angel telling us to stick to the resolution of losing weight and start eating healthy. We tell you to ignore the devil and not commit to the grave mistake of succumbing to unhealthy temptation. Today we give you healthy diet tips that make an angel’s work easier.

Sure you hesitate to eat large quantities in fear of gaining weight. And some of you might not even feel yourself losing weight even after eating portions while envying people who never have to worry about gaining weight or counting calories.
The magic behind eating more and still never gaining weight, in fact even losing weight while doing so, is all about metabolism.

Metabolism refers to breaking down of molecules to create energy. So whatever we eat is broken down to give us energy and keep our cells healthy. Sometimes due to metabolism process being slow in some individuals may lead to weight gain but that is rare. Unless you do not have a few physical exercises or activities that keep you busy, this reason can be insignificant Weight gain depends on a lot of factors like your food habits and physical activity levels and partly genetics.

So don’t blame it all on slow metabolism. You need to change your food habits like eating less fried and junk which can be the real reason for most people’s weight problems.

Whole Grains

There is no doubt that whole grains keep us satiated throughout the day like no other food can. That is why it is considered real food and comes under the category of staple food. In various studies conducted, it has been proven that whole wheat or 100 percent wheat can supress hunger. Not just that, but also wheat is known to have fiber and other nutrients beneficial for the digestion process.


Milk has been a part of our diet since we were babies. Even if you never liked its taste. And if it’s never been a part of your daily diet then include it! Milk a source of calcium and makes a one-time healthy meal. If you want to diet then add milk to your everyday menu. The drink can be consumed on the side as well as an only meal at any point of the day. A big glass of milk can be very filling and hence you should try drinking warm milk before you go to bed because since it is known to be linked with good sleep.


Water is most essential to our body and it is also good for digestion and metabolism. Drinking more water has been associated with weight loss in multiple studies. The amount of water to be consumed by a person in order to lose weight is linked to their weight itself. Anyhow it is a good practice to drink a glass of water before and after half an hour of every meal. Doing this keeps you filled throughout the day and also keeps you less hungry. Isn’t it a good and easy way to shrink your appetite?


Oats provide for an all in one nutritious meal. Apart from being a very healthy choice they keep you filled. A bowl of oatmeal with milk can help you lose weight as well as provide you with essential nutrients. Oatmeal contains fibre that suppresses appetite. Oats contain 5g of proteins per half cup. There isn’t a reason for you to not opt for oats. Oatmeal can be made really delicious if added with dry fruits and berries which in turn will increase your intake of antioxidants along with good fibre. Oats can also be added to your bread and cookies to give it a crunchy taste. But remember not trust market or instant oatmeal to do the nutritional work for you. The oats and oats cookies we find in the market usually contain more of sugar and less of 100 percent oats. Make sure to try out an oat recipe at home today!

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