9 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

We all talk about & know about relationships, isn’t it? Yeah of course we do…roll your eyes around and you see so many of them right? So what does a relationship mean? Does that mean just spending time together? Think!! Well according to my understanding “relationship” means “bonding your time together”.

So here are some ways you can think of cementing your relationship till eternity:
  1. Love thy self:
    Remember when you love yourself you spread love as well because you are happy from within. Enjoy your “me time”. Have your privacy but not any secrecy in the relationship. Spend time with your family and friends for they treasure you, love you and so love them back. In this process you will love yourself more, trust my words.
  2. Communicate:
    The most important of all I feel. Don’t hold back grudges. Have respect for each other and if any misunderstandings crop up sort it out then and there. How you both respond to each other’s good news is also key. Show excitement and pride and your bond is strengthened but show indifference or (as competitive couples often do) annoyance and risk damaging what you have.
  3. What’s cooking:
    Cook your Sunday brunches together. This increases your bonding, your experimentation with food and cooking as well!! Enjoy the kitchen romance
  4. Compliments:
    Appreciation is important. It shouldn’t be just once in a blue moon but every day. Trying to find more positive aspects of your partner, highlighting them than the negative ones are what a true relationship demands. Sit across the coffee table after your hectic day and compliment your partner. If nothing then say “thank you for being in my life” and you made your partner’s day…rather night (wink).
  5. Gaming:
    Pillow fight or go to paint ball or bowling or cards…make funny face drawings of each other…anything that you both have interest in. Just be crazy…at times you need to be!
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  7. Common interests:
    It’s very important that you both have a common space. It might be the usual ones like watching movies, going on a spree or reading, or photography: to make it fun you can click selfies (they are so in…you already have loads of them ) or make funny faces to something unusual (most might think) like watching the stars with the handy telescope you have in your backyard or …just enjoy…life is too short to live up to regrets.
  8. Travelling:
    Ok! here’s the recent trend of landing in unusual places: it’s all about going beneath the surface at exotic destinations around the globe with new age experimental travel. Fancy chasing the northern lights or hunting eagles in Mongolia? Or closer to home visiting a near by countryside over a weekend. It’s not about how many places you go but having an immensely rewarding personal experience.
  9. Be expressive.
    Shower your love and treasure it in those intimate moments you share. Have you heard about touch therapy? Well it seals your relationship even more: holding hands and hugging each other can increase the level of trust.
  10. Mute it:
    Cut-off from that tech world…silent your mobiles, ipads and other social networking for love is never online when you have your partner in front of you. Give yourself a break from the virtual world of twitter, facebook or instagram.
To start a relationship is easy but to maintain it is when you stand the test of time. Many people might think how on earth are these 9 things the only ways to keep you and your partner happy? Well these are not just tips but few of our habits to maintain a happy relationship.

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