Types Of Dresses Every Woman Needs (with Pictures)

Dresses come in a plethora of styles and combinations. That is probably what makes each one so different and makes us want to own a different one for each occasion. Earlier we had discussed about what is fashion all about, today we will take our discussion forward and discuss some dresses which every woman needs to have in her wardrobe.

Although you may find a variety of dresses in any girl’s collection but the “Skater Dress” is what appeals the most.

Skater Dress

A Skater Dress is one of the few Golden agers which are not going to die anytime soon. They are modern versions of it, like A-line dress or skirt silhouette which are narrower at the top and flare toward the bottom like the English alphabet “A”.

They got their name because it resembles the dresses the figure skaters wear; that same outline but short.

It is perfect outfit for a lunch or brunch or day out and suits most body types, provided you keep a check on the length accordingly. You can accessorise it with a pretty neck piece, ballerinas and a pony tail and there you go. Hey wait, don’t forget to wear your beautiful Smile!

Lately, floral prints have been quite a crush among females and it also requires minimal makeup and accessory as the dress alone steals the thunder. So it’s all up to you when it comes to styling.


These are our summer time relative spirits. They’re substantially versatile and you can just throw one and go on. There are different varieties of jumpsuits, longer sleeves, higher necklines, knee-hitting hems etc.
types of dresses list with pictures,female dress names
  • Jiro jumpsuit, a spontaneous up neckline keeps the V steady, so you don’t have to worry about any unintentional plunge. It basically suits girls or women who are tall.
  • Judo wrap jumpsuit, black colour in this looks classy pair it up with a wedge sandal, and a blazer you are ready to go.
  • Butler jumpsuit, all buttoned up and ready to go.
  • Patchwork denim jumpsuit, you take casual Friday very seriously. How seriously? Patchwork denim seriously.
  • For the girls having short height should go for Knee length jumpsuit or 3 quarter jumpsuits.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a type of dress that is long, usually floor-length, and prepared with flexible, free-flowing material. These dresses come in a mixture of designs, from floral prints to solid colours, from strap dresses to bandeau tops. It’s very common during summer seasons. It makes one look comfortable and fresh.

dress names list,different types of dresses for different occasions
Most people think Maxi Dress is for tall and slender women. While these do look good on tall and lean frames, but women who have other body types should not be afraid of wearing these fabulous dresses. There is a maxi dress for almost every body type, be it curvy, pear shaped, apple shaped, rectangular or short women.

The right way to wear a maxi dress:
  • Pair it with pants: a long skin fit maxi with a pant will look fabulous.
  • Keep a breezy style grounded by pairing it with Platforms.
  • A long sleeves maxi will always look cool, pair it with pumps and a clutch.
  • A long white maxi, paired with a black leather jacket and a gladiator and you’re ready to flaunt.
  • Turtlenecks bring an amazing edginess to maxi dress.
  • A feminine maxi dress, with white sneakers is a perfect outfit combination this summer.
  • Slit maxi dress is also in fashion.

Bodycon Dress

It has been a wardrobe affix for most ladies who love to flaunt their curves. It has been one of the most wanted fashion trends, not only on the landing strip, but also by celebrities on red carpet events. In fact, it is slowly becoming a classic staple similar to the LBD.

The bodycon dress comes from the term ‘bodycon’, summarised form of ‘body conscious’. As the term implies, bodycon dresses are a style of skin tight clothing that emphasises the contours of the body. They are also sometimes called bandage dresses but not all bodycon dresses are of the bandage dress nature. Both the bandage dress and bodycon dress are meant for flaunting a woman's figure.

Bodycon dresses adhere to every curve and bump of the body, so it takes a confident woman to lucratively carry the look off. The form-fitting nature of the dress emphasises the silhouette and lends itself most effectively to slim and curvaceous women.

party dresses for girls, red dress for pub
If you are a first time bodycon dress wearer, it is best to plump for plain ones first – go for dark ones, if possible. It is well known that black is a slimming colour; add that with a gratifying bodycon dress silhouette and you have a stunner ensemble. This will help you decide if you truly like the bodycon trend.

Accessories for the bodycon dress:
  • Basically a bodycon is an evening wear, with elegant or glamorous accessories.
  • High heeled shoes or boots, with a stiletto heel are very popular when pair with a bodycon dress. Thigh high boots are daring and gives a sexy and sensual look.
  • Belts are very useful accessories to pair with the dress and it also help in breaking the monotony of the black dress.
  • Jewellery like Dangly earrings or a long neck piece adds a charming look to your personality.


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