9 Key Features of Most Popular CRM Softwares

CRM- Customer Relationship Management

CRM is all about acquiring, retaining, communicating and understanding customers through various customer touch points. It is all about communicating, understanding, customizing the product with respect to the individual and ultimately expand the service base.

The main motives of CRM are:

  1. Manage relationship with existing customers.
  2. The main idea is to tap into the latent demand of existing customers to increase profit.
  3. Organize necessary datainto useful business information.
  4. Track the relationship with current and future customers.

Main features of Customer Relationship Management:

  • Proper security and accessibility
    CRM makes sure that the data of the company is stored securely and is flexible. Access is to the needed information is always there but not compromising on the security-edged issues.
  • Product Support
    CRM effectively collects information about the customers and partners and this helps to manage the customer experience. It finds out the when, why, where, how, etc. about the client.
  • Billing Function
    CRM is effectively functioning when it tracks down the billing and invoice status of every client. This ensures organization of financial information and reviews the frequency of payments.
  • Monitoring the hardware
    CRM software with hardware monitoring features helps with the status availability of hot spots, routers and other network equipment, thus saving time and so it deals directly with customers.
  • Integration with External applications
    This is a very important feature wherein CRM integrates internal and external applications. This is crucial when the main motive is to collect and maintain accurate customer information without any duplication.
  • Reporting of data
    A truly effective CRM system also helps to analyze the existing data while entering and organizing the data to create a flexible and realistic customer database is a key function of CRM solutions. It will be hard to find customer behavior trends without a data reporting component. It would be difficult to understand which actions need to be taken to improve a customer relationship.
    Part of effective CRM software are : exporting, compiling and analyzing marketing data or customer billing analysis tools are all.
  • Automation
    Another advantage is that a CRM system helps the business automate its processes. It is one of the most unique features as it depends upon the company as to which tasks will benefit most from automation. Remember not every integration will be profitable for every company.
  • Integration which is easy and simple
    CRM helps in the effectiveness and simplicity in integration. So, the company workers can also work and implement CRM strategy without much difficulty. This is a feature which concentrates on simplicity and flexibility of integration in companies and business enterprises thus showing the effectiveness of CRM.
  • Mobile access
    Remote access is the ability to see CRM data on a PC or computer; mobile access refers to the ability to see CRM on a mobile phone.
    This is necessary for field sales personnel as he requires contact information and other basics. This can therefore help him to collect and access to sales collateral, data from back-office systems and organizational schedules in order to complete deals
    Another important thing is to know how the companies would use the above features to establish the required point of contact, below are few examples:
    1. Create a database (preparing customer’s profile is the first strategy)
    2. Understanding customer touch points
    3. Sending him emails and SMS
    4. Broader participation of the clients with the company in all aspects.

Example: Automation of Contact Center

Contact Center Automation is the practice where there is an integrated system coordinating all the types of contacts between an organization and the public. It is designed to reduce the banal and repetitive tasks of a contact center agent’s job.

Contact center automation can prevent this by using pre-recorded audio messages that help customers solve their problems .These software tools can also be integrated with the agent’s desktop tools to address customer queries and requests thereby saving time on behalf of the employees. Thus, we can see how Contact Center Automation is a nice example of CRM.

Modern marketing has many techniques for implementing CRM. CLP that is Customer Loyalty Programme is one of them. Different companies depending upon the sectors offer CLP programmes.
The above features of CRM ensure the effectiveness of the company to deal with its customers.

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