Things That Can Only Happen In First Relationship

Yeah yeah I can imagine the blush on the pretty and handsome faces out there. Remembering them instantly makes you happy isn’t it? Those old days, that chasing, those fights and patch ups…it was unique in its own way. But everyone is not as lucky as you have been, sweetheart. For some it was a nightmare. For some it was quite a doozy with lot of mistakes made. Mine was a challenging one and a learning experience. Yes I took it positively. And here I am only going to share those positive aspects (life has already so much negativity…why talk about it and be melancholic again?). So I dedicate this article to my younger self and to the newbie’s in love.

  • You smile more - You become more beautiful because of the smile you wear on your face. You like to groom yourself, look better, love looking at yourself in a mirror many times …first love has an amazing potential and power to design your life in its own unique way. You never knew you have such a great smile… am I right or am I right?? (wink!!)
  • You love the color red – Oh boy! That Russian red shade of MAC on your lips never looked prettier, those red flowers across the street, that red tie, red shade is no longer disturbing (if you follow or have interest in zodiac you will know that Taureans hate the color red but magic of love melts that hatred away).
  • first serious relationship advice,being in a relationship for the first time
    First Love - First Relationship
  • You feel protected and cared by your partner like your mom makes you feel – yes you are pampered! Admit it newbies
  • You lie – Don’t get me wrong. But admit it that you have your little secrets that you share with few members in the family or friends. Those secret meetings. You do make excuses, bunking classes and sneaking out of the house…(naughty huh! ).
  • You become more intelligent, more knowledgeable –Aha! you have to pay credit to your first love for that. You handle your pocket money or income in a better way. You discover so many eateries; food plazas, ice cream parlors, new gift shops, become interested in cricket and be sporty (for girls who were not previously) and boys who never dealt with girly stuff gain so much knowledge about girly things (from their twisted emotional outbursts to their sexy lingerie…oops!).
  • You learn the difference between attachment and love – Love is everlasting, liberating, ego reducing, it enables mutual growth and selflessness but attachment is selfish, encumbering, transient, controlling and of course ego boosting.
  • You discover the other side of yourself – You discover freedom and self integrity. Yes it is indeed an evolution of self and you become wiser. Like attracts like and you learn that it is better to become like a person whom you like to attract.

That said I would only add one thing: love is a beautiful feeling; maybe you were hurt, you were abandoned, you became vulnerable but you were lucky to experience it…some don’t even get that. Give yourself a second chance and unfold the magic it beholds!

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