7 Gifting Ideas for Mom

The word “MOM” when turned upside down is “WOW” and of course she is a superwoman.She is ‘wow’ in all aspects; juggling between the family – parents, kids, husband (who is also a kid…hehehe), relatives, and her profession, she balances it magically. For this special lady we definitely need creative, magnificent ideas and out of the box thinking when selecting gifts. Here’s presenting a few of those uncommon presents on her birthday:

SCENT-ATIONALKIT–Sensational …ah! Yes Aroma Therapy indeed. Help your mother lift up her spirits, stepping into a more centred space with the ancient transporting powers of aromatic magic. Blended in is the highest quality of essential oils into meditative medleys that each one of it sets a specific tone or mood. Mist hers’ bedding to promote sound sleep, relax, focus, rejuvenate and conducive in finding more creative solutions in the office, simply add a romantic touch to the closets, or mist a bit on your pulse points to carry an air of positivism with you as you face the hectic day. It is hand crafted in Brooklyn, New York this kit is a supernova.

WOODY MARTINI GLASSES–Okay so is a martini glass made without glass still a martini glass??Several designers propose this paradox with the intoxicating wooden drink ware. The bowl and the base are crafted from black walnut, with a handsome grain that echoes the ripples in your drink. Apart from being beautiful, wood is also an insulator better than glass, and helps to keep cocktails chilled longer. With the beauty of sculptural artworks, these woody glasses bring an extra shot of style whether they're in use or simply set out on your Moms’ counter-top.

CARVED PEACOCK / PIG / BIRD EYEGLASSES HOLDER–Well the combo of beauty plus brains.As if the creature (I mean the poor bird or piggy) needed any more help looking fabulous, this bold bird or piggy wears your mommy’s stylish specs when your mum doesn’t have to. Using a single piece of wood making it a charming piece of decor on or when rocks your second set of eyes. A small hook in the back keeps the glasses right where mom left them, eliminating the daily blurry-eyed search for the favourite frames.

MOTHER and DAUGHTER LETTER BOOK SET- Sorry BOYS just being a bit biased. Well girls, we have always being tagged a bit more emotional than the opposite gender. So why not pen down our softer, emotional quotient to that lady whom we owe everything to? This nostalgic Mother & Daughter Letter Book is set of 40-50 cards, fully handmade, colorful that is meant to be sent, shared and treasured until the very last envelope is sealed. Walla! A perfect gift for her BIRTHDAY!

KALEIDOSCOPE NECKLACE- It is an eye candy.How often do we find a piece of jewellery that not only makes your mom stand out, but also gives her a whole new way of looking at the world? Confused eh? A closer look at the elegant silver column pendant(kaleidoscope necklace I mean) will reveal that it is actually a miniature, fully functioning kaleidoscope! This handcrafted little wonder has three mirrored surfaces inside that reflect a shifting tapestry of vibrant colors, provided by tiny grains of sea glass,mineral gems and recycled glass. Simply holding and rotating silver band between two fingers as she turns the tube and peer inside at the snowflake-like patterns within. The exterior of the pendant is embossed with an intricate lotus pattern. Each of them is engraved with the initials of the artists and the year it was made and it hangs from a silver chain.

FAMILY MEMBERS SIGNPOST–An innovative personalized gift isn’t it? Keeping the family together on this warmly weathered sign, featuring the names and direction towards your loved ones is so precious and trust me mama will love that.

BEDSIDE SMARTPHONE VASE - The bloom box is a smart vase and functions as a convenient phone dock as it brightens up her bedside table. It has glazed stoneware; the dock frames a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. Tell her to use the convenient opening located at the front of the dock to thread her phone's existing cord when the device needs to charge up at night.

Well there are loads you can add to the list and make her day really really special. Make sure kiddos do finish the day with a grand party and a heartfelt speech for her.

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