5 Ways to surprise your partner on their big day

Some people are happy to receive a surprise and to be surprised, while some prefer being in on the surprise and would like it better if presented with something that is bought with their own choice. After all, some of us know ourselves much better than others. If you haven't known your partner too well it's time one needs to “Act Upon It. Some Mushy Men do everything their heart desires for their partner. The whole idea of “going till the end for their partners or go up till the extent of Climbing the Highest Mountain” is an extremely sweet gesture.

1. For the Long Distance Couple

The Biggest Surprise for a guy or a girl, would be getting to see their partner travel a long way down and throw a Surprise Party. One such personal incident is when I had sent a parcel of warm woollen clothing to my girlfriend. She was having a tough time putting up with the Extreme winter conditions in Zurich on her birthday. She still cherishes the Gift and keeps talking about it “till this very day”. The so called “Forced Bachelors” staying away from their wives, would consider going on a road trip be it the Bikers or the Car Enthusiasts. Some like the Good old idea of writing letters to their Partners or sending Gift Cards to them.

2. For the Music Lovers

From the early classic Beatles to the electronic music lovers out there- One could surprise their partner on their Big Day by Gifting them a bobble head , A nice T-shirt with their favourite band art printed on them, Doodle Wall Posters, Wall Hangings , Wallets , Guitar Picks , CD's, Tapes, Neon merchandise and a lot of other band accessories to choose from. If one happens to be talented at any form of music, they could go about recording a music video of their partner's favourite number(Song) or make a good dedication on a TV Channel that takes Guest Requests. One could even think of writing a song for their Sweetheart about some Nostalgic moments they have had over the years or any good memory that occurs to them.

3. For the Antique Lovers

Some of them prefer collecting Antiques ranging from Brass idols to Gramophones. Like the saying goes “Old is Gold”. Memoirs and souvenirs are meant to be preserved and kept for generations to come. The best way one could surprise their Partner who happens to consume any kind of Beverage would be by gifting them a nice cup with some of their own Photographs printed on them, and for those many who consume liquor they could be surprised by a fancy beer mug or a shot glass. The rest would prefer going out to their favourite Pub in town and peace out.

4. For the Diamond lovers and the beautiful women whose best friends are diamonds

Women believe in the saying “Do not let anyone dull your sparkle”. Diamonds are highly capable of making women more than surprised on their anniversary or their Birthdays. Men could get any form of jewellery ranging from Diamond Rings, Bracelets, Diamond Studs, Diamond Necklaces, Nose Studs and a lot of other fancy Diamonds Gifts they could choose from depending on their budget. Women could also do the same for their partners, preferably gifting them a fancy Diamond Studded Rolex watch or a tiny little wrist bracelet. Diamonds are something would last for ages and can be passed on to the upcoming generations. “Well If There Is Enough MONEY IN THE BANK, Diamonds come Nice and Cheap”.

5. For the Animal Lovers

If one's partner has been craving to get a puppy, kitten or even a tiny little Hamster, it’s a cute way to surprise their high school sweetheart. Another option would be to throw in a nice little Animal Party on their Birthday by inviting out some common friends with their pets and making them have a great time. In case they are dog lovers one could get Cakes with Paw designs on them or some good pictures printed or even a nice collage with pictures of them petting their animals.
For the animal lovers one could consider making a nice handmade kennel for their partner’s dog or gift them some nice petting accessories like Pet shampoo, Collar Pendants with their pets name on them, Handy Sprays, Fancy Tee shirts etc. One could even think of designing a fluvial edge aquarium in case their partner loves the idea of keeping fishes. The Bird Lovers can have a nice Bird enclosure designed for them on their big day. “We can judge the heart of a Man by his treatment of animals “.

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