Lockdown Tips : 5 ways to Build Trust in your Relationship

Good things tend to happen at the right point of time. To maintain an everlasting relationship there are a bunch of factors one needs to mutually adapt to by going about building in good amount of trust and setting up their future goals. The Trust Factor cannot be built within a day or two, it happens over time when the people involved grow mature by being in a relationship. Relationships for some tend to happen at a very young age, some start from their high school crushes and the rest make it happen after a long time when they tend to settle.

How can you build trust in a relationship?

Here are the 5 ways to build trust and honesty in your relationship :

1.  Transparency
Transparency is a huge factor. We need to be confident enough to at least be ourselves and express our choices and decisions to our partner. One needs to be frank enough with their partners letting them know tiny little things which can make a huge difference in making the relationship successful. One needs to have full disclosure which can result in a successful love story. If you keep doubting someone the person who gets hurt the most in the end would be yourself. One needs to be little cautious about that. And it goes both ways. We need to let our partner feel comfortable enough to share things.

2.  Acceptance of the Past
Being passive aggressive is one of the biggest mistakes a person can do individually or otherwise so accepting the fact that you've chosen this person despite their flaws and giving them a fresh page whole-heartedly would definitely help. One needs to live with the fact that in case if he or she had a boyfriend or girlfriend, they need to be in a position to accept their past relationship(s). By doing this they can try to resolve what went wrong.

3. Fix the 'social' habits
We accustom ourselves to obsessive texting, flirting, misguiding ourselves in a bid to divert our minds. As measly as it may sound, it definitely plays a role. In case your partner resorts to such activities, it can be resolved by talking it out or maybe even suggesting remedies and making them understand related health issues that they might face a few years down the line.

4. Personal Space
The most important thing would be to give each other their personal space. This is something people need to put a conscious effort into. It is not good to curtail somebody's freedom by pestering them to stop something they are not ready to stop.

5. Gender Role Imposition
Lastly, as modern educated people, gender role imposition should be totally avoided. It's a huge issue that leads to a lot of issues because of expectations that are far too irrational sometimes. Women tend to get frustrated if their partners would complain about asking them to dress up in a certain way or if they are not comfortable with their partners going out with men they do not prefer. This also needs to be taken care of for a successful relationship.

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