5 Gifting Ideas for Husbands

Surprises are always good, especially when they are given to you by your very own significant other. Surprises keep the spark alive and remind you that someone cares about your happiness and passions as much as you do. After all, there is no greater joy than bringing a smile on the face of the person you wake up to every morning.

Ranging from technology to golfing, every man has an interest they are passionate about. Considering the same, here are a few gifting ideas for the special man in your life - the one the rest of the world refers to as your husband.

5 Romantic Gifts for Husband

1) For the Beer Enthusiast:

For most men (if not all) nothing beats the joy of a properly brewed cold beer. You can either buy the store’s supply worth of beer for your man or maybe, you can get a little creative and get them the Belgian Golden Ale Beer Brewing kit, for the man who likes brewing his own beer! Light on the pocket and easy to use, the premium brewing kit is filled with top quality grains and promises to brew the best beer you’ve ever tasted.

2) For the golf enthusiast:

Nothing like a quite weekend spent playing golf, am I right? Make the game even more special and indulge in a state of the art ‘Wilson Ultra Steel Package Set’ and ‘Wilson Ultra Graphite Package Set’ golfing sets. They are sure to improve your game and make them even more fun! For the uninitiated and looking for a new hobby – golf happens to be the perfect sport. If your husband is new to the game then what could be a better way of introducing him to the Golf other than to organize some golf lessons for him? Sooner than you’ll know it, he will be well on his way to become a pro.

3) For the Gamer:

As they say, boys never grow up – they only get older. If your husband is into virtual gaming and loves nothing more than planning undercover operations to take down terrorism in a virtual world, then he will definitely appreciate the ‘Razer Kraken 7.1 Gaming Head Set’ which comes equipped with a virtual surround sound engine, an enhanced digital microphone and the comfort of playing for hours on end without a headache. If your better half loves retro games and reminisces about the good old days a bit too much – be sure to get him the Retro Game Crate by Man Crates. This crate contains all the popular retro games played and loved by kids all over the world in the good old days. He is sure to be touched!

4) For the Gadget Freak:

Gadgets are nothing but a whole other genre of sophisticated toys and men have been obsessed with them ever since the first gadget ever was invented. If your man is into gadgets and loves the comfort they bring to the daily life and grind, get him the ‘Seyvr Charging Wallet’. An ultra thin and a top grain leather wallet that also doubles as your phone and tablet charger. If you find yourself married to someone who loves flying drones, AERIX Drones are an amazing gifting option! They are especially perfect for beginners. These small miracles of technology are sure to go a long way with your man.

5) For the Art enthusiast:

Everyone is inspired by art in one way or another. Art - be it music, movies, books or theatre has a special place in all our hearts. If your guy is into music, be sure to surprise him with a ‘DIY Ukelele’ and help him master the instrument which is a personal favorite of all Indie artists. If he’s into art, we bet he will simply be in awe of ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Book’ by Andrew Bolton, which examines the full breadth of the career of the provocative designer of his generation, Alexander McQueen. If he’s an avid reader then you can get him one of the ‘Vintage Book, Tea and Stationary’ subscriptions which will make his reading experience even better. If your guy is an exceptional artist then consider gifting him an ‘iSketchnote’ which transfers the sketches made on paper onto a digital medium. iSketchnote is especially helpful when you need to make sketches on the go.

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