Things You Should Say To Your Partner Every Single Day

Some say finding love is the most difficult thing in this world, but if you ask me I would say keeping your love is the most difficult thing. We all have found love in our lives at some point of life but often we lose that person because after initial sweet honeymoon period we tend to take the other person for granted. We forget to express our feelings for them and tend to lose that special “spark” which existed. Today I will share a few things that you should tell your soul mate everyday to make your soul-mate feel special.

“I Love You”
Nothing says it better than these three words said with sweet voice of a lover. No matter how hard life is going on, these three magical words bring out a whole array of positive emotions in anyone. It gives a sense of comfort and assurance to your partner. Never be afraid to tell him/her how much you love them.
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“Good Morning/Good Night”
What else can be sweeter than waking up or going to bad hearing the voice of love-of-your-life every day? It makes every morning brighter and every night more comforting to hear a friendly voice greeting you. Even if you are away from your partner or are in different time zones, just drop in a text or a voice message wishing them every day. You may not realise but your small message may just change the mood of other person for the rest of the day.

“I am there for you”
Every relation goes through ups and down, days when you just can’t bear each other, but that doesn’t mean you are not meant to be together. Such occasions provide an opportunity to know more about other person. And no matter how bad things may be just say “I am there for you” and your partner will know you want to sort out things and would support them no matter how tough situations may be.

“We should do ….”
Relationships are all about sharing moments together. Going out together, exploring the world with each other, experimenting with cuisines and various other things together will make your relationship grow stronger. Rather than enjoying the pleasures of life alone you should ask your partner to join you in various activities. Not just fun activities, you can sometimes you both can work together for household chores too!!
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Some words just steal your heart away
We all make mistakes, we all get angry, but the biggest mistake one can make is not to apologise to your significant other when you had the opportunity. Saying “Sorry” won’t make you smaller in the eyes of other, in fact they will end up respecting you more.

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