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Is two-wheeler insurance always on your mind but you always felt that you can live without it? If yes, you are not alone, there are many bike riders who feel they can take care of any damages to their bikes and can evade traffic cops rather than paying an annual premium for their bike insurance. I wish I could say that you are right. But the truth is there is more to bike insurance than the occasional accidental cover and laws make it mandatory for every rider to get their vehicles insured.

Now a days getting a bike insurance online is so cheap and hassle free that I really pity those riders who say they don’t have time to get their insurance cover renewed or don’t wish to waste money on it. Besides the coverage and the sense of security that you get from having an active insurance cover is priceless.

Today I will discuss some reasons which will not only compel you to buy a bike insurance cover but also make you feel good about it.

Benefits of Bike Insurance

Protection from Natural calamities:
Natural calamities like earthquake, fire, cyclone, flood, etc. are covered under the basic bike insurance cover. An insurance company pays for the damage caused due to any natural calamity. In addition to damage to the bike, the insurance company also covers loss of life or injury to the rider or owner of the two-wheeler.

Protection from man-made acts:
Acts like theft, burglary, riots etc. are covered under the standard insurance policy. This will limit the financial burden on the owner in case any of these unfortunate events take place.

Protection from legal issues:
By buying the third party insurance you will be able to limit your losses arising from legal expenses caused due to damage to any third party. Insurance company will provide you legal help in such scenarios and will cover your liabilities.

Compliance with traffic rules:
It is mandatory for any bike or two-wheeler plying on the road to be covered under bike insurance, non-compliance can lead to heavy fines which will be more than an annual premium you will have to pay for bike insurance. It is advisable for all the bike riders to ensure they have an active bike cover before they take their beloved ride out for a spin.

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