How to Plan the Perfect Holiday

Come festival season and the thought of holidaying starts popping up in our minds to get a break from the mundane routine. If the thought seems too good to be true, then all you need to do is turn the right key at the right time.

Some people believe that unplanned and spontaneous holidays/outings are the most enjoyable ones, well yes that’s true but they aren’t relaxing. They sure are packed with excitement but if your idea of a holiday is to ease off, then a planned holiday will suit your need better. Here I would like to list down few important points to remember while planning a perfect holiday with family proactively :

Before undertaking the holiday trip:
Plan at least a month in advance
Relaxing is possible only if you have at least a week of holiday.
List down the places you have in mind.
Make sure all the members of the family are involved in planning. That way you will have more ideas and everyone’s issues and priorities can be looked into.
Once you have a fair idea about what exactly everyone wants, you can short list the places which can  be visited and then decide, on the basis of the most optimal combination of the following factors.
      o Budget
      o Transportation to, from and during the visit.
      o Climate
      o Cuisine
      o Language spoken
     Research about all the above are necessary when planning a holiday for a place which has not been visited before.

Plan each day of the trip in such a way that you get breaks in between. This is essential to ensure that no one is tired and spirits are always high.
On one of the days, you can also plan a surprise for the family. This gets everyone extremely excited and fun levels will increase.
Be sure to take a first aid kit.
If the holiday is planned at someone’s residence, inform them well in advance.
For the breaks in journey, you can keep card games or any other games which everyone can enjoy.
While packing, make a broad list of the things you will be taking with you, for example clothes, toiletries, number of footwear etc. This will help in cross checking the stuff each time you have to pack.
Also, you can make one bag for each particular place, for everyone, for example, winter clothes in one, summer clothes in another and food in another one. This way you just need to open one bag at a time. Saves time and TENSION.
When packing is done, count the number of bags you have. You can cross check that you have the entire luggage at every stop.
Apply for leave at work.
Ensure that the kids have their holidays during the stay period.
Inform the paper boy, milkman etc of your absence in advance.
Also, tell a neighbor about the period of absence and give them a contact number in case of an emergency.
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A Perfect Holiday

While on the holiday trip:
To savor each moment of the trip, put away all the stress and tensions. For the days of the trip, you should have nothing to worry about, everything should be planned and there should be nothing to worry about. Take a deep breath and start the journey with a fresh, calm mind.

As they say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, try the cuisine, lifestyle etc that the natives of that place have. It is important to understand that the people of a particular place follow a particular lifestyle because it is the best suited to that environment.  So to experience the true essence of the life in that region, don’t be afraid of trying new things!
Have a person to guide you throughout your visit. It could be a professional or any other reliable person. This way you will know all the nitty-gritty of the region and be able to have the best possible experience.
Take lots of pictures! It’s always good to have memories intact.
Note down all the places you visited and if possible, have a day to day account, including where you went, what exactly happened, what you ate and the take away of the day. At the end of the day, it’ll be relaxing to relive the happy memories.
You can also keep an account of your expenditure, just so you know the exact figures. You can ask your kids to maintain this account. It makes them feel good to keep such an important account and makes them aware of new things.
To cherish the well spent holiday, take a souvenir home. It could be a picture of the family at a landmark or some special thing which is made in the region.

While returning from the trip:
Well don’t worry, there isn’t much to do now, except cherishing the memories made during the trip 
Check that you have all your belongings packed in your bags, with the list of the things you made.
Put the house keys in an easily accessible bag.
You can make the holiday end happily by discussing the whole trip with everyone. The new, exciting, good, bad and learning experiences will divert everyone’s mind from sulking about the holiday ending.

Finally, mentally prepare yourself for the old routine. But as you do this, if you have indeed enjoyed the holidays, only those memories will come to your mind, instead of imagining yourself slogging at work again. Well that’s a good thing, because that means you really have relaxed and have achieved what you wanted at the beginning of the planning!

All the best! Happy holidaying!!

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