5 Facts about the Romans We Did Not Know

Much is known about the Roman civilization, which spanned an incredible twelve centuries and seemed to implode almost as a victim of its own success. It is commonly used as an example of greatness, but just as often the failings of the Romans are held up as parables of weakness. However, let’s look at some lesser known facts about the Romans.

  Wine for Breakfast? OK.
It's no secret that the Romans were decadent people, and when many think of the Romans they envision golden sculptures, rich red wine and free-flowing grapes. However, few people fully understand exactly what the Romans ate and at what time they ate it. In fact, some may be surprised to learn that the decadence was equally humble and extravagant when it came to breakfast eating. Many would start the day with a pancake, or perhaps a bowl of oatmeal - these items were seen as functional and this was a functional meal. However, alongside this meal was wine, which was commonly, drunk at the breakfast table. This may seem extraordinary now, but it was completely normal then.

 A Roman’s Best Friend
Anybody who has visited a Roman museum will know that they adored animals, especially dogs, as they were seen to be statuesque and creatures of symbolic power. However, they did also adore them for their functional power, and their loyal ability to protect against intruders. Much like households of the modern day, the Romans used dog-warning signs on their property to warn would-be criminals. In essence, it could be argued that they were the first ones to create this symbol of canine authority that prevails today.

 Romans – The Narcissistic Plumbers
Not everybody is aware of this, but the Romans did indeed pioneer the entire concept of sewers and plumbing. Some of their underground systems were built so meticulously that they are still used as functioning sewers today. This all came about because the Romans were known to be very clean people and they would pride themselves on their personal appearance and ability to appear more successful than their enemies.

Facts about the Romans We Did Not Know,  5 things you didn't know about Rome
Top 5 Fascinating Facts About The Romans
 Artistic Obscenity
The Romans offered the world distinctive architecture and culture that had influenced art throughout the ages, like splendid micro mosaics of Rome from the 19th century.
Around the time that most young students reach college-level literature education, they are made aware of certain vulgarities in the artform that have been eradicated from popular history. For example, James Joyce's love letters to his wife - it's difficult to imagine how these could exist in such a seemingly poetic era, but they did. However, the use of vulgarities in poetry dates back even further, to whom else but the Romans. Many pieces of poetry have been found that detail explicit sexual acts, things that truly demonstrate the human desire for vulgarity is as old as time.

  Culinary Pioneers
Romans loved their food and alcohol, and they also loved being the best and the first to achieve something. When these two things are combined, it only stands to reason that they would have invented the cookbook. The very first cookbook was titled 'De Re Coquinaria', and gave details on how to cook, and eat, like an emperor.
  The Romans were undoubtedly an incredible people who worked extremely hard to create civilized life for the entire world. It is easy to take this for granted, considering the distance that the world has traveled since then, but it is important not to forget that the fundamentals of every day life come from this time period.

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