Christmas Celebrations

Christmas, the most awaited time of the year, is back. Family holidays, get togethers  delightfully amazing food, breathtaking decorations, and of course, the delicious Christmas cake are the highlights of the festival. While, in addition to this, kids await the arrival of Santa Claus and his reindeer for their dream gifts(almost all of us had once believed that Santa Claus sends us those gifts J). To make your expectations from Christmas turn into reality, you can start preparing for it at least two weeks before. This would help to develop an idea about how you want it, a list of guests, venue etc. Once you have a general idea about the broad arrangements, get into the nitty gritties.

So how do you make the most of Christmas time, while doing this?

Get everyone in for the planning and arranging.
Let this Christmas celebration create everlasting memories with family. It would be a very good idea to involve everyone in the party planning. Discuss their ideas and work together, to make sure that their unique styles and ideas are incorporated. This would make them feel that their contribution towards the event is indeed valuable and will get them all excited and pepped up for the final day.
You can also have the guests involved in the planning. If they are close enough, you could also go in for pot luck.

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
You can become Santa by getting surprise gifts for everyone. Gifts are an exciting to receive and especially when kids are the receivers. It need not be a very big gift, but should be special to them. Also, the element of surprise should do the trick. You can also get into Santa Claus attire, or just wear the red cap to get everyone in the mood.

Make it special, make it more ‘You’
When you put in a bit of your originality, it will automatically become special and make the others feel special as well.
If you want to seek professional help for the different aspects of the get together, do put in a personal touch to it as this will incorporate your ideas, thus giving it a sense of completeness. The personal touch could be given as a part of the food, decoration or anything else which you can think of.

Make everything Christmas-ly!- Keep the theme as Christmas
A theme helps build up that zest and much needed enthusiasm to kick off a great party. If you have guests, you can give them something to think about and get ready for. For example, if you keep the theme as Christmas, you could ask the participants to wear only Chrismas colours’ clothes (green and red clothes). To make it even more exciting, keep prizes for the best dressed person.

Music has the power to bring people together
The celebration mood can be enriched by music. You can prepare a medley of your favourite Christmas carols or just plain soothing music. You can ask the kids to prepare a Christmas carol, to give the aura of a church choir inside the house ? Small things like these will make your Christmas even better.
Make sure the songs are soothing and are played at a low volume, so that they don’t overpower the main events.

Prepare a skit
This is a great thing to do, to make your kids know why Christmas is celebrated and its significance. It need not be very elaborate. You could just include the gist.
This is only if you and the participants have enough time to prepare for it, otherwise other things will also help build the right atmosphere and keep the spirits high.
Christmas is all about garnishing family time with enjoyment and preserving the leftovers, that is, memories. You don’t need to follow these guidelines, just put in these basic ingredients, rest assured your party will be a success!

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