Importance of Being Confident

Confidence for some, the Holy Grail to success and for others, is a way to live. In life, we often across two category of people one who are intellectually great but fail to perform when it matters the most, and others who though not intellectually great, walk-away with the limelight just by delivering the goods at right moment. The difference between two is their confidence, their ability to perceive that they will succeed no matter what the situation is. Here, today I will discuss about the positive side of confidence and as for over-confidence will talk some other day.

Today I had a very important exam and my preparations were not up to the mark, though I had attended all my lectures but I had hardly done self-study. I was sweeting like anything, in fact was visualizing the outcomes if I fail. Some three hours before the exam, I just started watching one of the solved Video Tutorial I had regarding the test, as it started playing my perception started to change. By the end of tutorial, I felt I knew a lot more than I thought I knew. My CONFIDENCE was up. During the test although I didn't know some of the questions I answered them to the best of my ability (when i checked them later they were mostly correct too!!!). So should I say it was confidence which made me answer well in my exam? Not really but it certainly put me in a better state of mind, which I term as a Winner's Mode.

Confidence is one's ability to visualize optimism and success in times when many others visualize failure. It helps one get over his/her fears, because it puts one in a world where he/she feels that anything can be achieved. Confidence is the way one sees himself, it is ones sense of being happy about what he is and what his abilities are.

Winner is the one who thinks he can win

All the weight lifters in Olympics at one time or the other might have lifted more weight than the standing world record. But what matters is their lifts in that arena, in front of billions of viewers. A person who wins or breaks the world record is not the one who is technically the best or is the most powerful of them, but he is the one who is the most confident among them. Skills and power may make you lift pounds and kgs in practice but once you enter that Olympic arena and have expectations of millions of countrymen on your shoulders, it’s your confidence which will put you in the Winner's Mode.

If you have been successful in the past, naturally your confidence gets a boost but that doesn't mean an amateur boxer can't beat a pro. The past statistics may give confidence before the real game,but what matters is how much of that confidence is summoned by an individual during the real test. A confident person imagines himself to succeed in every situation and has faith in his preparations and ability to perform against the odds. His mind tells him that he has the resources to outshine others and in a way he is superior to others. This thinking changes the body language of an individual. Stage fear and nervousness don't affect a confident person because he feels he 'owns' that stage. For a confident person, others' expectations and criticism act like a drug which makes him perform better. More the people mock him, better he will perform.

A person who lacks confidence often fails even to attempt something 'difficult' or 'tough'. He fears that he will fail and in order to avoid failure he terms such tasks are beyond his ability. While for a confident person, 'tough' or 'difficult' are just any other words, in fact such terms make his adrenaline rush through their veins and they take it as a challenge. They not only attempt such tasks, but also approach them with a feeling that they will succeed.

Confidence is one of the sure shot keys to success in life but just think of it, if good skills are to added to it, a person can become INVINCIBLE.

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  1. Yup. To be anything great in life, you have to have confidence. You have to believe in your ability to succeed and survive. Nice article...