Are Twenties the New Teens?

Different people, same emotions - because we all love to follow our hearts.

Twenties is a phase of soaking in as much information and experience that life has to give us. There’s a whole new perspective on life. Now that we have started working, living alone, paying for ourselves, we have realized that this is it – this is how we always wanted to be – Independent. But is this exactly what we wanted?? Are we mature enough to take life’s big decisions on our own?? Are we ready to face the scary realities of life all by ourselves?? Do we suddenly find ourselves wondering if we suddenly grew old but not wise?

If it often dawns upon you that you still take foolish decisions and get a little too motivated to make it big, this article is just for you.

Followed the “trust your instinct” advice too soon or too often?

Ever pursued a romantic interest in someone who is completely out of your league? Just because you have a strong gut feeling that it might just work out? Even though you know your luck too well, you just don’t quit, do you?

Gut Feeling, Logic, strong gut feeling
Gut feeling may not always be right

The consequences – a broken heart, possibly lesser confidence; not to mention the wasted time and energy.

How deep is your love…let’s explore?

Most of us are wondering and experiencing what love is. This indeed is the best and the worst time to experiment with the much hyped feeling of “love”. Best, because the sooner, the better and then we know what to expect. Worst, because if it ends badly, it may lead to a lifetime of regret on wasted of time. This isn’t just love for a person, it could be our passion for pursuing a hobby or anything else for that matter.
Cupid arrows, love, heart break
Blaming Cupid

In the beginning, it’s all roses and kisses. But at the end of the day, having experienced it all, only a few of us are lucky in love and count our blessings. The rest of us learn from their not-so-wise-decisions. Nevertheless, you’ll feel older and wiser and be able to write a thesis on it (like what I’m doing).

And it just keeps getting worse:

Just when we thought we were done with taking reckless decisions, TADA! We discover another opportunity to set the bar higher. Obviously, we didn't start with thinking that things would turn out this bad, but probably the risk was greater, and so was the joy associated with it. This is why we gave it our all and believed that it was worth the risk.

This takes me back to my college days when I got this great million dollar business idea and was all set to pursue it by dropping out (dreaming of being like Zuckerberg). All it took a harsh reality check from my mentor to make me realize how impractical my idea was.

After effects – A resolve to never invest in high risk ideas (which is broken sooner or later), a nagging friend trying to get us out of our miserable life. Not to forget our “I told you so” idealist uncles and aunts judging our every move thereafter.

Feeling the need to find a shrink

Finally, our friends tell us that we are getting way too over worked and need to chill. We feel that since no one else believes in us, there might be something wrong with us and we need a psychologist to help us out; to somehow magically make our thinking process wiser. Been there, done that, but NO; all you need is a big smack on the face to get you back to your senses. Friends generally help you with that if you manage to piss them off too much.

After the shrink, comes the drink.

Some of us, who make it to the end without wanting to have tequila when life gives us lemons, end up just fine. But for the rest, we hope the best!

Alcohol Quotes, Drunk Sayings

Okay, so we made mistakes, realized it, faced the consequences. Now it’s time to get over them. What would be better than a night of alcohol?! And a follow up of regret?!? Here we go again!

The Art of Letting Go - realize that it was a phase.

Let’s face it, letting go isn’t a choice that we make. It’s a necessity that we need to succumb to, because of other people or other things; mostly the things that aren’t in our control - or that got out of control. After much contemplation and hard work that goes with the endeavor, it breaks our heart to prepare to quit. But it’s another learning phase, to which we need to rapidly adjust, to be happy again.
No matter how lucky we thought ourselves to be, everyone goes through it- some with little damage, others with loads.
Moving on Quotes, Move on after break-up
Move ahead, there is a lot to explore

At the end of it, if you can manage to keep your head held high, new friends or new hobbies take its place.

Remember, Life begins out of your comfort zone. No matter what the situation is, it’s always better to be on your toes, rather than sit staid and complacent. Your goals are your ultimate dream destinations. But it’s the journey that will make everything worthwhile. And treading through this journey called life, you may take some bad decisions, but the only important step after that is to learn from it. Forgive yourself or whatever made you take those decisions. Remember that at some point you had wanted exactly what you got.

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