Why Positive Thinking Can Be Bad

This article is about how a positive attitude, in its various forms, can also be bad and consuming. As crazy as it seems, make sure you are not one of the people caught up in too much of positivity.

What is positive thinking?
       It is an attitude, a way of life that focuses on the pros rather than the cons so as to not be hindered by possible failure or breakdown. Simply, it is a thinking that allows you to think only about the favorable outcomes and the advantages following them.
   These days we hear so much about how a good attitude helps you get through anything, about how you can dodge your adversities and have a happier life with it. Though there is some truth in it, almost every positive attitude preacher just says things without giving a proper wholesome explanation. Though there isn't much to be explained, there is a lot to understand which follows self assessment and improvement . Today I am trying to answer a question “Can Positive Thinking Be Negative? “

•    When a “positive thinking/attitude” could be bad for you:
   Just like a lot of negativity is bad, a lot of positivity can be bad too. If positivity keeps you from panicking, it may keep you from working as well. For example, you prepare for an examination only when you are worried about it. A little bit of anxiousness and nervousness always helps to put in the best of your efforts. Till we don’t see an adverse action being taken against us, we don’t care about it. We hardly do anything without a motive, without a goal. Think I’m exaggerating?? Ask yourselves!

•    Be positive, not ignorant.
  When you see something bad happening, what do you do? Work towards making it better or shun it and try to believe that some miracle will take care of it? I guess a lot of people have seen situations where they were left with nothing but to pray for some miracle to happen. But more often than not we try to correct things ourselves. Not caring about something and leaving it to “destiny” is not called being positive, it’s called being ignorant.

•   Be positive, not blind.
  There’s another category of positive thinking where in-spite of knowing the odds and the severity of the situation, people tend to stick to their beliefs and methodologies. Just because the method worked once, doesn't mean it will work in all kinds of situations. Change is the way of life and one needs to be ready to adapt new things.

•   Be positive, not delusional.
  When the situation is still in control and a lot is left to be done, it is best to keep a balanced approach. If you let yourself wander in the dreams of being successful by overlooking the odds and hoping that time will take care of it, it can prove to be devastating. If such a horrible thing does happen, you would be caught off guard thus making it a shock for you. Being aware helps you to be prepared for the worst. Therefore, be positive about the result but also be aware of the adversities.

•   Whom shouldn't preach about positivity:
  For example, someone is working to achieve something and you have to keep the person involved and his morale upbeat. What would you do?
a)   Already start telling them that they shouldn't be concerned as everything is going as per plan and there’s nothing to be worried about?

b)   Would you also encourage them to put in their best efforts till the end?
Well, it is best to hope for the best, only after all the possible steps have been taken. This will let the person be happy and content that he has worked to the fullest, and has not left any stone un-turned.

•   Dream positive, work for it.
  Who doesn't love dreaming and thinking about the perfect life, job and family (that we may never be able to have)? We do know that not all of those dreams can come true; nevertheless we at least strive to achieve them. So, ensure that you snap out of the dreams soon enough to start working towards them. Merely building castles in the air never helps. But once you dream, taking baby steps to build the castle will take you a long way. Having a positive attitude will help you build that dream and give you a zest to work for it.  
       However, the implementation still requires consistent hard work and determination.

•   When you should consider changing to a balanced approach:
  Sometimes it so happens that people are so tuned to taking things in a positive way, that they refuse to accept that things are going in the wrong direction. They tend to manipulate stuff in their mind and believe that “whatever happens, happens for the best”. Yes it does happen for the best, only because you can probably learn from your mistakes. But did the significance of the lesson learnt outweigh the adversity of the event? If it didn't, it is best to realize that now.
   This doesn't imply that you have to switch to being a pessimist. We just have to see things as they are and accept them at the right time to work towards make the situation better.

     A positive thinking as well as positive attitude brings strength, energy, motivation and initiative. But it is important to not go overboard with one idea and ignore the consequences of the odds. If you think this article made a little sense to you, you can try taking a positive action, rather than just thinking positive. Remember the saying, “well done is better than well said”? Instead of merely having a positive thought, put the positivity into action and utilize the concept of positive thinking better. All the best!!

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