Top 3 Proven Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

"Green Tea has many health benefits and keeps body fat under check"

Well I am sure many of you might have heard/read this statement while inquiring about green tea. I too had heard it but never believed it. How can drinking those leaves in hot water going to 'delete’ extra pounds of fat around my belly???

My perception towards this 'magical' herb took a U-turn when I saw its effects in reality. Few months ago while undergoing my industrial training at a renowned organization I came across a Chinese consultant, Chang. He looked damn fit and young. He dropped by and asked about my educational qualifications and experience. After initial awkwardness we started having a freewheeling talk. I, finally, asked Chang a question which was there in my mind from the time I saw him.

"How old are you?"
"Hmm... make a guess."
"24?" "Nah...”
"Nah... 38"
"Are You Kidding Me??? No Way"
"Yeh I am. Here check my passport"

Extremely shocked, I asked how come he was so fit and hardly had any wrinkles or any other signs of aging. He told me Chinese people usually have a lot of garlic, herbs and of course GREEN TEA. I inquired more about his routine and eating habits. He smiled and shared his 'secrets'. That day at the end of day Chang said that next day he would bring 'special' green tea for me.
Next day he brought me a red shiny packet of Green Tea and asked me to have it throughout the day as a replacement of plain water. Since that day I have been religiously following his advice and I must say I am a proud green tea drinker. I have seen a positive change in my body and best of all I have not changed much of my routine.
Today I am going to share 3 real health benefits of drinking Green Tea with all those fence sitters who are still not able to decide whether these leaves have some 'magic' or not? (I have intentionally tried not to use too many medical terms or chemicals as I don't have much knowledge related to it, besides I am trying to share my experience with common people rather than scientists looking to do some research on Green Tea)

1)  Boosts Metabolism : Rate of metabolism usually affects the amount of fat present in human body. Obesity is usually blamed on low rate of metabolism. Green Tea helps in increasing the rate at which body fat is converted to calories. This helps us in shedding accumulated fat and at the same time keeps us feeling fresh (I have lost 8 pounds in 2 months, without changing my routine i.e. no exercise just a bench work).

2)  Reduction of Wrinkles and slowing down the aging process : Green Tea has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing wrinkles (May be this property of green tea was the secret behind Chang's youthful looks).

3)  Reduction in Tooth Decay : Some researches have shown that it contains certain natural chemicals which kill bacteria which cause plaque and tooth cavities. (Can't say much on this as my teeth are already pearl white J ).

So Here I have listed top three advantages of drinking Green Tea. I have personally chosen these benefits as I have till now in 2 months have experienced them. By the way one more reason I read somewhere on net was according to some research drinking green tea helps in reducing depression. Well weight loss in my case has definitely reduced a lot of tension J

P.S. With the end of this article I have just finished my second cup of Green tea.

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