Ten Weirdest Jobs in the World

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of your deodorant, comfort of your furniture, or tastiness of your pet's food? There are loads of unusual real professions that are largely unheard of. Some bizarre jobs hardly seem like work, while some of them require a special person with nerves of steel or a strong stomach.
If you belong to the significant portion of the population who considers their job a bore, read on to learn about 10 of the weirdest jobs in the world. Some of these may inspire a career change on your part, while the majority of them may very well give you a new appreciation for your seemingly mundane job.

 1 - Paint Drying Monitor
The saying “I'd have more fun watching paint dry” has long been used to describe the most boring activities or events, but think twice next time you say this - it could be your full time job. When manufacturers of paint test new products, someone must literally go through the process of watching it dry as a measure of quality control. While this job requires little physical activity or interaction with the public, the thought of organising your office filing cabinet suddenly seems like a holiday.

 2. Dice Quality Inspector
Whether you are gambling and the stakes are high, or if you are simply playing a board game with family and friends, a dice with the smallest imbalance of centre can change the outcome of the entire game. For this reason, every dice manufactured must go through a series of tedious testing for imbalances so small that only a professional tester could detect. This job may sound easy, but it is a very tedious one that comes with great responsibility.
If the smallest imperfection goes without notice, it changes the equal probability of the numbers rolled. Failure to give each dice the most thorough inspection can cost a company millions of pounds if they are sued by a casino or big-time gambler.

 3. Furniture Tester
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Furniture Tester
Furniture design is truly an art that requires special artistic and scientific abilities, but even the most attractive piece of furniture won't be a good seller if it feels awkward or uncomfortable. This is where furniture testers are needed to sit, lie, and lounge on furniture for hours on end. While this just may be one of the most comfortable and easiest jobs in the world, don't scoff at this profession. After all, these dedicated testers are the reason why your sofa is so comfortable for afternoon naps.

 4 - Train Pushers / Stuffers
Many Japanese subways are overcrowded and surpass capacity by as much as 200%. In order to cut down on the chaos, the Japanese government actually employs people to literally push and stuff passengers into the subway, making sure the passengers are packed tightly like sardines in a timely manner. Needless to say, this job requires a lot of physical force, and probably its fair share of altercations.

 5 - Armpit Sniffer
 Your deodorant doesn't just work by chance. Although scientists carefully create formulas for deodorant in laboratories, the product cannot be marketed and sold until it has gone through rigorous testing by armpit sniffers. The job title properly fits the description, as armpit testers are required to smell real human armpits throughout their entire work day. With an average salary of $22,000, would you be interested in this profession, or would you rather leave it up to the pros?

 6 - Pet Food Technologist
Scientists very well know what ingredients are most healthy for your pet, but since animals aren't particularly health-conscious, they know that unless the food is appealing your pet won't go near it. Pet Food Technologists are responsible for making sure the taste and smell of the pet food is desirable. While smelling pet food doesn't sound so bad, tasting it is a different story. With some testers claiming yearly wages as low as $16,000 to upwards of $1.5M, there seems to be no average salary. At any rate, hopefully they allow plenty of extra paid sick days.

 7 - Corpse Farm Caretaker
When forensic evidence is needed from a corpse in relation to a crime, or important research, a scientist doesn't exactly go retrieve the body and carry it along to the lab with them. However, someone has to be responsible. Caretakers of corpse farms don't just exhume the body, they have to make sure to get rid of the spider webs, maggots, and the like to prepare it for scientific testing. For their sake, let's hope they never forget to wash their hands before lunch.

 8 - Golf Ball Diver
About 2.5 billion golf balls are lost annually in the bodies of water within or alongside golf courses. However, most of these golf balls aren't gone for good, as they are worth their weight in gold. Golf Ball Divers brave the sometimes dangerous (but almost always slimy) waters of golf courses in search of lost gold balls - and the pay is surprisingly lucrative to those willing to take on the job. While the pay per ball is merely a few pence, a good golf ball diver can collect 2,000-5,000 balls per day.

 9 - Ostrich Nanny
Not only must ostriches and their eggs be under constant surveillance because of their value and high risk of theft, someone has to be there to break up any ostrich quarrels! Ostriches aren't what comes to mind when one thinks of vicious animals, but they have been known to peck each other to death. For these reasons, they need a full-time nanny to make sure that they are not kidnapped, and that they all get along.

 10 - Snake Milker
Snake venom is necessary for medical and scientific research to create life-saving medication and vaccines. The job of a snake milker requires handling live snakes while milking their venom. This job is quite risky, but thankfully, there are a handful of milkers willing to take the risk in the name of science. It goes without saying that this is surely a job that requires a steady hand!

Guest Post by Tom Faulkner – provider of designer and handmade furniture. We as a team 4 Penna, are thankful to him for his contribution.
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  1. Your right about one thing this has to be the ultimate list of weirdest jobs. I especially found the job of snake milker particularly funny