How to Get Through Tough Times in a Relationship

Are you going through tough times in a relationship and nothing seems to be working your way? Calmness and peace of mind seem to be many light years away from you. Such times require you not to lose your composure, but keeping it is next to impossible. Well, such are the times when you need to follow some basic steps to make your relationship stronger and get through depression.

Take time out : While going through the motions of life, more often than not, we have to re-energize our systems by taking out time for ourselves, that is, "ME-time". One needs to take a break from all the routine activities and indulge in some fun activity all by themselves. Being surrounded by your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend all the time won’t help, especially when things are not going right. Take time out go for something you enjoy doing; this will help you refresh yourself and your brain. This is necessary because after such a break you will feel better and would be able to sail through the rough tide in a much better way.

Think about the situation : I know you have been already thinking a lot about what has gone wrong, but my friend, after taking time out, your brain cells are better equipped to think in a rational way. At the same time, I don’t want you to think too much about the consequences of what has happened, instead, think about what has led to the situation which you find yourself in. Get to the root of the problem. Run through the series of events which have led you to this situation and try to pin-point areas of contention.

Address the problem HEAD ON : Enough of beating around the bush. It’s time to stand up and work on the issue directly. Trying to confuse the other person or trying to pacify yourself that everything is fine, won’t help. Address the real issue patiently and logically. In matters of the heart, sometimes brain also needs to take control. Chalk-out the way you want to go about it and also how to getting thing back to normal.

Talk to your loved one : Relationships are about two people bonding together by love and remaining away from your loved one and not talking to them may be detrimental for a relationship. Silence between two people can cause more harm and may eventually lead to a point of no return. Sometimes we keep waiting for the other person to realize their mistake or just lessen their ego and come back to us, but our wait can become an un-ending one, and they may just move on. To avoid such situations we need to act fast and try to talk to our spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend or any other person whom we love a lot. Talks can really help in solving the worst of situations.

Be Patient and Listen to the other party : We often fall into a trap where we feel that we alone are correct and other person needs to apologize for his/her actions. Relationships are all about give and take; understanding between the partners plays an important role in the success of any relationship. We need to listen and try to understand what the other person is saying, with compassion and love. You should never forget the importance of the other person in your life and should give them second, third.... n number of chances to correct their mistake, if you feel deep in your heart that he/she is true and faithful person.

Say the truth and Apologize : In tough times there is nothing which will help you, but the plain truth. If you are the person who has made the mistake, it’s time to go to the other person, tell the truth and say SORRY, convince them that you regret what you did and you won't do it again. This may be tough and consequences may not be very positive in a short term but in the long run, this will be the foundation of a very healthy and everlasting relationship. Saying alone won’t help. Your actions too need to demonstrate that you want to correct the wrong doings; your loved one will realize after sometime that you are taking sincere efforts to make it work out.

Forgive and Forgive : Once things are sorted out, it would be a mistake on the part of both the partners to keep dwelling on the past issues, it is time to give a fresh look to your relationship. Now is the time to celebrate the present and dream of a bright future rather than keeping the baggage of past. Just live the moment...

Final words : No situation is tough enough, no time is testing enough for two souls who love each other more than anything. Keep Loving, Keep talking and keep fighting (just to add spice and not very seriously). . . .

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  1. Forgive and Forgive is sometimes or I must say too hard to do. It takes to much effort to forget the bad things or word that has been said and done. And no matter how many years passed by, it keeps on coming back if bad things happen again.

  2. Dealing with tough times in a relationship is not a easy thing to do. You have to be strong if you wanted to keep the relationship and if you still love the person

  3. @Katie
    Yup, any relationship is one of the most difficult things to maintain. But certainly is the most beautiful thing to have.
    We will run out of patience but not the love we have for that person.
    And that's the reason we try so hard to make things right :)

  4. @DanielleIt is difficult to forget. But then it is the only thing which will help us move on. We have to make it a part of our past and try not to relate things happening presently in our lives.
    We may be reminded of the agony, pain and frustration we once went through, but at the same time we learn how to get over such things, which in itself is a great thing.

  5. Good post, I think that a person shouldn't just react while they are upset. Take a minute to calm down when you are more rational.

  6. I like your suggestions, I think apologizing is important, but you can't do it all the time or your words will begin to sound meaningless to your partner. Plus you should really be sorry, and not just saying it!

  7. when we talk about relationship is always looks complicated.

    life is simple, keep moving