Some Don'ts while trying to move on from a break-up

Don'ts- Because do’s could vary with the cases but donts remain the same for all. Earlier we saw why we need to move-on and how to cope-up from a failed relationship. Carrying the discussion further lets discuss some Don'ts while you are coming in terms with the break-up.

Listening to songs that fit the mood
For me, this is by far, the most useless practice. These days they make all kinds of songs which fit a variety of situations. And that’s what makes it ugly- people “connect” with them and don’t get out of that depressed and irritated mood. The moment you hit the play button for the song, you play the series of all those memories and make yourself remember everything which you want to forget. The only way out for such an addiction- DELETE the infectious songs!!

Memories are wonderful to make, but sometimes painful to remember
If you have objects that are relevant to the experience you want to get over with, it is best to keep the objects out of sight for a few days. More than having an emotional value, they create a mental block. Memories are in the mind, but when you have physical objects that you can feel, touch and cherish(ed), it is definitely a good idea to keep them in the cold storage of the mind. That seems impossible in the beginning but then you know why it is important and essential.

Sulking and keeping to oneself
This is probably the worst thing to do. One may need his own time to think, rethink, come to conclusions and analyse repercussions. However one mistake doesn’t mean you boycott the whole world! There are people who love you, want to help you out and see that glowing, smiling face again. Wouldn’t it be selfish to deprive those few loved ones of it??
Don’t go on enjoying with them if u don’t want to, but be with your family and close friends. Try to be normal around them. They also know that you are trying your best to be happy but at least make an effort.
A solitary life could worsen the situation. Remember, Man is a social animal and needs some sort of interactions continuously.

Being rigid and stubborn
Life is all about change. The more you adapt with the present situation, the easier it is for you to be in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. This doesn’t mean that you lose yourself in the process. That could probably lead to a bigger problem, by making you lose confidence. None of us is perfect. Nor can anyone ever be. On the contrary, having thoughts like “I did everything right”, “It wasn’t my fault”, “I am going to be me, let the earth do its dance!” and believing them just shows that you are ignorant of your own shortcomings and your inability to be in terms with the reality.

Friends who reinforce your pessimist thoughts
An absolute no-no. Generally, these are the people who would just get too emotional or hysterical on hearing your stories. They might be good people, but try not to follow their advice if you don’t find it logical enough. They could be your family members or anyone who cares a lot for you. They understand your situation and your way of countering it. And thus take your side. Abandoning them is not an option but try to be less influenced. They intend no harm but end up doing the worst- make you stick to the situation by making you think you did nothing wrong. And hence the main purpose of you committing a mistake (that is, the process of learning) is lost.

Sometimes, it is just that you took a risk and it went bad. So what?! What if you didn’t take this risk? Wouldn’t you have been thinking what your life would be without the risk? Life is a game of ifs and buts. Each time you play, it gives you a better understanding of the game. Who knows what the results would be if you took that step at a different time. Probably you would have been successful and remorse free. Maybe next time with this experience you would be more than successful…. Thus move on, change your life for the best and be the happiest you have ever been….

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