Two Ways of Dealing with Tough Situations

They say Time and Tide wait for none and good times don't last forever. In fact we often come across situations where we have to survive difficult times and nothing seems to work our way. Times when despair overcomes hope, darkness engulfs light, those are the moments when our character is tested the most. Today I will discuss two things that I feel can help you get through tough situations in a relationship, business or in any tough situation you may face in any phase of your lives.

Honesty is The Best Policy

Earlier I discussed how to prove that you are not lying, carrying forward let me tell you there is no better way or safer policy to go for, than to just speak the truth to the all the stakeholders when stakes are against you. I know how tough it can be to say truth and be able to keep them trusting you, but let me tell you in the long term you would be happier and content on your decision to go with what is right.

Some hard unavoidable situations force us to lie to our loved ones, to people whom we work with, to people we interact with, and this one lie leads to a series of false stories and a situation comes when we are surrounded by falsehood. In such situations we need to just go with the truth to get out of the mess, short term hardships withstanding. I won’t like to give example of Gandhi or other personalities who preached the power of truth, because in our lives today its next to impossible to be truthful always and it’s no harm to lie sometimes. But at the some point of times its good to take a step back towards truth.

Accept Your Mistake and Apologize

After you have told the truth, it’s advisable to say SORRY with all your heart and soul. Sorry may seem to be the most used word of English but no one can deny a power of a heart-felt sorry. Apologize and accept that you made a mistake and you regret it, convince the other person that you will work hard to win back the trust of the person.

Initially you may feel the backlash of people who have been wronged by you, but with time, the calmness will prevail and you too will be handle people better. It is never too late to get back to the righteous path.

Are you a business man, who has made some wrong decisions?

The pressure of performing up to the expectations of others and ourselves often leads us to make a wrong decision in haste. And the brunt of this wrong decision has to be suffered by all the stakeholders, financially and emotionally. It’s time to survive difficult times:
- Gather all the stakeholders and people, who have been hurt,
- Talk them through the series of events which made you take the wrong decision (which was eventually proved a wrong one),
- Tell them that you were not being selfish in taking that decision and situations forced you to go that way,
- Accept it was a mistake on your part and apologize,
- Convince them although you have not been able to stand up to their expectations this time, but you have learnt from your mistakes, and
- Finally assure them all is not lost and you still have the ammunition and willingness to fight for your and their cause.

No situation is tough enough to break any person and every one of us has the inner strength to fight such adverse conditions and come out triumphant. Everyone has his/her share of correct and wrong decisions but successful and happy people are the ones who accept from their mistakes and learn from them for future glories.

"When Life Puts U In Tough Situations Don't Say WHY ME? Just Say TRY ME!"

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