Tips For Making A Good Glass Painting

Earlier we saw what is Glass Painting and Instructions for Glass Painting. Now lets see some tips which will help you to paint well on glass.

1.   Before you start the painting, ensure that the surface of the glass is clean and smooth and void of any dust particles or fibers.

2.   Always start painting/outlining from top to bottom. If you start from bottom and then got to the top, then there would be no space for you to support your hand and could lead to bad results. Keeping the hand supported is essential in glass painting, especially for outlining. Otherwise, even minute shaking can ruin a beautiful design.
3.   If your hand is not yet stable enough for making outlines then it is better to choose random shapes rather than circles or straight lines in it as they require accuracy.
4.   Attaching clips to the paper and glass can ensure that they are in their places and do not move with respect to each other. If the glass moves slightly and the change is not noticed, the design would be made at a different position and not at the decided one.
5.   Keep checking the position of the glass and paper from time to time to avoid the design to go bad.
6.   Make outline of the design on the paper with sketch pen to make the outline darker and easily noticeable even after the sheet of glass is placed over it. This is a must for tinted glasses.

glass painting tips,glass painting pattern
Glass Painting Tips

7.  Before outlining on the main sheet of glass, it is advisable to first try on old mugs or spare glass you don’t need. This will give you an idea about how to go about it, how much pressure is required on the tube, how fast you should move the tube to make the outline thin or dark. Getting a practice of regulating the flow will definitely give some practice and help make the painting better.
8.   Sometimes the outlining or paint can come on the palm and then that can come on the glass. To avoid such a situation, always keep a piece of cloth or cotton ready so that if the paint or outline comes on the palm, it can be wiped off without creating a mess.
9.  In case of a large continuous area of the same colour,create sections with the outliner and fill one section at a time.
10.   If there are certain areas where the outlining has become smudgy, too thin or disjoint, it can be corrected by scraping off the part and re-doing it. But while doing so it is very important to maintain the thickness of the outline according to what it is in that portion and match it accordingly so that it doesn’t stand out.

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