Promises - meant to be broken or for the keeps?

What is a promise?

A promise is a commitment made, an agreement or assurance, an oath taken for a person or for oneself. The person making the promise, vows to fulfil the task or keep his word. A promise can be in spoken or unspoken form. The unspoken form is mostly a mutual understanding or a moral duty towards someone or some things usually. Promises can be made to friends, family, and in some cases, even foes (as a revenge). Promises can create or destroy dreams. Sometimes things that were always expected from a person could be a promise, an unspoken one. Such promises when broken are the most disastrous, be it to oneself or to someone else. “Words said can never be taken back” the same applies to promises. Once made, they will either make or break the purpose.

Is it bad to break a promise?

It cannot be generalized, whether breaking a promise is good or bad. When people break promises, it can lead to people getting hurt, disappointed, heartbroken and sometimes can even lead to turmoil in relations. It depends on the kind of promise, the situation the person is in, the frame of mind at that time etc. Sometimes it could be better to break a promise than to keep it (but that’s very rare).

What to do if you have broken a promise?

If you have broken a promise to someone else, with the intention of doing something good, then explain it to the person what your situations were at that time, which made you break it. This could save the opposite person from disappointments or even worse results. And after that you can have a new beginning, a new life from the after effects of breaking it. The second thing which you can do is start taking steps to fulfil the promise (if it isn’t too late and you can still work hard for it). Even though you broke it, taking steps to improve your actions will give you a sense of satisfaction that at least you tried to do something. As they say “better late than never”. Once you go in for a second attempt, make sure you put in the best of your sincere efforts and ensure that past mistakes are not repeated. Do not leave any room for regrets as they can lead to bigger disappointments later. After putting in your best and trying your luck for the second time all you can do is hope for the best and never make promises you cannot keep.

“Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than your promise”

Before promising something, even to yourself, analyse whether you can keep it. If made in haste due to being overcome by emotions, it could give a lot of happiness on satisfying your ego. If not kept, it can lead to a drop in self-esteem and confidence and can even become humiliation. Each promise kept, counts and increases the faith people have in you.
          If a promise made is from the heart, and it is something you believe you can do then there is hardly a chance that you can break it. Always remember, “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Promises you make can make people around you happy and excited. If you break it, you hurt them with something they wanted and they also were also assured about. It could break the trust they had in you, forever. Never make promises with the sole intention of making people happy, because if not kept, they would do just the opposite.
          Promise is a huge word. Use it wisely. Promises are never meant to be broken. Though a lot of times they are broken. But a promise is for the keeps.
To break or keep a promise depends wholly and solely on you... finding it too hard to keep a promise? Think again.. you might see it from a different perspective and work harder for it… if not for you, then for someone else.. to whom your promise probably means everything.

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  1. @AnonymousLet the person know that you are sorry for the promise you broke. If that doesn't happen, probably the person needs some time to cool down and accept things in a better manner. Have faith, if you are really sorry the person will realize soon and also help you to improve your mistake. All the best :)

  2. @Anonymous if that person cares n understands you then you dont have to give explanation.
    Give that person a chance to think about the situation and time will make things rite .

  3. what about when two mature people made promises to each other and one turned out to be a heart breaker even though you asked them not to do what you fear most and surpriseeeee they just did the same? this really makes and breaks you.....god help the hurt ones and the promise breaker also

  4. @Anonymous Yeah it is difficult for the one who is hurt. I know that pain.
    But sooner or later we also have to understand the state of mind the opposite person was in that made them take such a drastic step even after knowing that we wouldn't be able to take it. Till a period, we cant help feeling awful but eventually we become strong enough to overcome such things and finally Forgive the person.