How to prove that you are not a liar

The main question that arises is, do you really need to prove you are not a liar? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. We always find 3 types of people around us: First, to whom we don’t need to prove that we are not lying, second, to whom we need to prove that we are not lying and for the third category we shouldn’t care whether they trust us or not. Yes, TRUST; it is a major ingredient in any relationship. There is a lot of trust involved in the first category and lack of trust in the second category.

So how to prove that you are not a liar to your GF or BF or for that matter, anyone else....

When a person is in such a situation, it is either because of lack of trust in you by the opposite party or because of some lie you told that person in the past which led to that person not trusting you. The opposite party can be anyone... your parents, your friends or even your love, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.

How to prove your husband,wife,girlfriend,boyfriend or anyone else that you are not lying, trust me
How to prove you are not lying
Giving reasons and justification is the last thing one should do when he or she has to prove that they are not lying. C’mon guys we just can’t give reasons and run away from something. And if we haven’t lied and are just being accused of lying on the basis of some assumptions, then that’s surely the last thing we should do.

Staying calm is the first thing one should do when we have to prove that we are not lying. Our excitement and frustration can lead us to negative consequences.

Next, we must talk to the person and put our point straight without giving any reason. If you had lied to the person in past and that’s the reason for the person doubting you again, then try to explain the circumstances you where in. May be, by doing so, the person would regain the lost faith in you.

If that person is close to you then you are lucky because people never lose faith in their near and dear ones. But yes, the amount of trust does reduce because of our actions. But at the end, if we succeed in explaining the circumstances under which we had lied and after that never repeated the mistake then it will surely get back the lost trust.

Sometimes, the way we talk, the way we think, the way we deal with certain situations helps us prove that we are not lying. People have a tendency to doubt their subordinates on the basis of some prejudice and here our attitude helps us clear their misunderstandings.
    In any condition, a person’s body language and words does half of the work in proving that he/she is not a liar. The amount of confidence you display also plays a major role. A liar is either over confident or under confident.

If you want the opposite person to trust you, then the first thing you should do is trust yourself, because people will be able to trust you only if you trust yourself. And if you can trust yourself then being faithful is not difficult and this way you won’t need to prove or convince anyone that you are not liar.

So, one should always remember that, in any situation the secret to prove yourself lies within you. So if your partner thinks you are lying just  trust yourself, keep your calm, explain your situation and the circumstances under which you did something that is being doubted and there you go.. You’ll be able to prove that you are not a liar and you are not lying. And this will help you save your relation with that person. And don't be ashamed its obvious to have this, "I hate it when your not lying but someone thinks you are", feeling.

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How to prove you are not lying


  1. who have written this?
    at least post the name of writer of your articles.

  2. @Anonymous
    We are a team of four and one of us has written it. As of now we don't disclose who has written what.

  3. I have been lurking around here for fairly sometime but i havent made a comment, just thought i would say hello!

  4. I can now trully say that i have been converted into a loyal fan!

  5. @Anonymous
    I hope you keep finding articles interesting so dat u remain loyal

  6. what if they still think your lying after telling the truth? ??

  7. @Anonymous
    First of patient.. D person is too sensitive if he/she thinks dat way and you need to calm them down by making them see what the true picture is. would be a difficult task but not impossible.. Also make him/her understand how much you care for them... All d best :)

  8. What if it ain't you're mate and it's a friend,

  9. Even if that person is your mate.. Don't worry just go ahead make a sincere attempt to show him/her your situation and try to address his/her concerns which made them think that you are lying...
    You will be rewarded for your honesty and sincerity.. :)

  10. My lifes totally messed up at the moment. Theres like a certain group of people lying about me to my Boyfriend, saying they saw things they didnt see, I'm up to no good. When I know I'm telling the truth I have NEVER been unfaithful, I have NEVER lied to him, I dont get what peoples problem is with me? It's really bringing me down, I have to face a fresh accusation like every 10 days because someone says they saw something that they didnt. I just hope that the saying is true, 'The Truth always comes out in the wash' It's not fair, I think I am on the verge of going insane, it's like like living in hell on earth, when people who you love don't believe you or trust you when your telling the truth. I just don't get why these people are messing with me.

  11. Sometimes telling the truth can hurt peoples feelings, I'd rather take the chances of being liar rather than to hurt the feelings of my love ones.. :(

  12. @Anonymous I agree that it's not always possible to keep your loved one happy and recipricate the feelings but if the relationship has absolutely no trust it may be worth reconsidering how much you both mean to each other!

  13. @Kimberly from Norfolk: Well, all of us tell lies at some point or the other. Small lies do not matter. It is the bigger ones that we have to worry about.
    If we keep lying to someone, for the sake of keeping them happy, we will initially feel satisfied. But eventually, we will get saturated and it won't be something to be happy about. How can we be happy if we are fake to our loved ones? Also, chances are that your loved one will soon realize that some thing is keeping you from being happy. This may create more problems and lead to an ugly thing in the future.
    It is best to be truthful to your loved ones. Even if it hurts them, they will understand that it's not easy for you either. If they still don't understand, it's up to you decide what's best for you and your relationship.