5 Gifts For Boyfriend On His Birthday

That one day in the whole year when we girls really look forward to and switch to a full planning mode is our Significant other’s BIRTHDAY :). Well surprises are always thrilling and exciting and on his birthday all that matters is that one really big smile confirming the success of your plan. So girls out there let’s discuss some off-beat gift ideas for him:


A unique way of surprising if you are living together will be “thread surprise”. I know that it’s sounding weird and you have no clue about what it is. Not to worry… just make sure that you know your bf’s bed timings (because you got to wake up before him). Arrange a place close to where he sleeps with all the stuff he likes, say- games, chocolates, flowers, perfumes, etc. Now when he is asleep early in the morning (making sure that he will get up soon) tie a beautiful thread in one his fingers. The other end of that ribbon or thread goes to the place where the gifts are kept. Make sure you tie the other end to something really solid and no fragile. Trust me he will wake up to a pool of surprises and love his queen even more.


Aha treasure hunt… memories of school days, glimpses of those fests you attended in school and/or university. Treasure hunt is actually an ageless game. So why not try it on birthdays? Well think about what special gift will be there when he gets to the destination? Why not make it unique. Yes girls I am talking about “you” being that gift. Make a list of clues and mark the way in the entire house and when he reaches the final point it will be you- the jackpot. Follow up with a surprise party: the wine, the music and the people he loves. Aha!! What a wonderful birthday.


Ting tong… okay so this is a really cute way of surprising your partner. It applies to all stages in BF-GF relationship and that is the best part of this surprise. Just make sure to convince his family members to make him open the door. When he answers the door bell there will be his favorite boutique, a watch and a big card and a cake with his picture imprinted on it.


Family members and friends are of great help when it comes to planning surprises for your loved one. If you know his family well, have a good bonding so to say then this way of surprising will be a lot easier. Tell them to jot down (individually) some cherished moments with your partner in colorful handmade papers, edit them with some adorable pictures and there you go…put all of these notes in either a collage or tie it to individual gifts from his family and friends. To be a bit more creative just slip in a little video message from all his loved ones, make a CD and you there…gorgeous lady…you have your man loving you even more (all smiles)


Surprise!! Surprise!!Surprise!!!! Don’t let him know where you are taking him…well do blind fold him all the way (tie his hands please wink!!). Reach the destination, open the blind fold and there he will be standing surprised (trust me on this). The place will be, remember, somewhere you both noticed each other and decided to talk to and then unfolded this beautiful relationship.

These are few of those manifold ways to win the heart of your beloved. Just be creative, innovative and he will have one of his best birthdays ever with you.

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