Daily Hair Care Routine for Every Hair Type

Maintaining your hair is comparatively effortless with the following easy steps. Hair is made of protein, so maintenance of a protein rich diet and good cleanliness is a necessary part of maintaining succulent locks. At the equal time, here are little former tips about hair care, and what you are able to do at dwelling to get extraordinarily stunning hair.
  1. Washing Hair Properly- Wash hair cautiously and use a good shampoo. Washing hair too frequently can strip out the natural moisture and oil, rendering the hair dry and frizzy. Frequency of washing hair can be thrice a week or every alternate day according to what suits you.
  2. Select a shampoo that suits your hair type. Don't go for something just because someone else has recommended it. Go for the shampoo that is meant for your hair category. Characteristic types include (but be not limited to):
    • Wavy hair almost certainly needs frizz-minimising and softening.
    • Straight or oily would most likely require a mild shampoo premeditated for every day washing.
    • Dyed or treated locks require a shampoo that's equipped with natural extracts and amino acids, for the extra case they required on being chemically treated.
    • Dehydrated hair in all probability requires a shampoo with glycerine and collagen to help in reinstating moisture into the hair.
  3. Use conditioner that matches your hair needs; time it correctly. Every time you shampoo, make sure to condition your hair to leave it feeling nice and smooth. The conditioner should be applied to the tips of hair and not roots if you don’t want moisture/ oily look.
  4. Oiling your hair once a week. Use store-bought hair care merchandise, or do it yourself to treat your hair naturally. Conditioning your hair is the best that you can do for it especially after getting exposed to the dust and pollution outside.

  5. Wash your hair with vinegar prior to shampooing, two times a year. Undertaking this helps to build your hair appear shinier and cleaner; in addition, it treats dandruff. Use 1 fraction of vinegar (if possible unprocessed apple cider vinegar) to 3 parts lukewarm water, then clean and rinse your hair as ordinary.
  6. Dampen your hair. Five oil nourishing: almond, castor, olive, coconut and violet oils. Mix all of them to harness the goodness of nature. Alternately, use egg. Be generous to your hair and apply it for four hours prior to your shower. Repeat it two times a week for best results.
  7. Let hair dry naturally- Let your hair dry naturally without coming in contact with the harsh fibre of your towel. The texture of most towels is very rough and can lead to frizzy hair and split end. Instead of rubbing the hair with the towel, pat it dry and let it remain for a few minutes before untangling it with a comb. Untangling hair while it is wet can lead to more breakage than normal, that too from the roots.
  8. Avoid blow-drying/ heating hair to curl/ straighten it. Hair does not handle heat very well and blow drying/ using heat to curl or straighten it should be avoided to the maximum.
  9. Don't brush your hair too much. Brushing your hair stimulates the follicles which promotes expansion, but brushing too much too frequently, applies pressure on the roots and harms your hair strands resulting in frizz and spilt ends.
  10. Trim your hair frequently. The best way maintain the quality of tips of the hair is to trim it whenever you feel it is damaged or has started having split ends. Using a scissor cut the split ends about one fourth inch higher than the split. A lot of women with good hair do not have split ends since they make it a priority to get their hair trimmed, or trim it themselves, every 6-8 weeks.
  11. Reduce tension for well-being: Corporeal and cerebral stressors will restrict your hair from being its best. It can also lead to hairfall. Stress ultimately shows on your skin and hair and will definitely hamper the efforts you put in to make your hair healthy.

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