Bring the Guilty to Justice in 2G Spectrum Scam

It took 6 years of constant investigations, charge sheets filed and trials to lead to nothing but an acquittal of the accused in one of the most raging corruption scandals of the decade, the 2G spectrum scam? A verdict that shook the citizens of the country, that shook people’s trust on the judicial system and above all, a deep feeling of betrayal by the civil servants who were chosen by the very people of this country with a hope that they will be served sincerely and their interests will be protected.

 The 2G spectrum scam goes back to 2010 when the SC saw huge illegalities in the 2G spectrum auction process and then moved the investigations in 2011 to the Central Bureau of Investigation to scrutinize the telecom licenses granted and spectrum allocations that were given away under the erstwhile Minster of Telecom Mr. A. Raja and his associates between 2007-2008 after an NGO telecom watchdog intimated the Central Vigilance Commission of the irregularities in the spectrum allocation to Loop telecom, during the 2nd term of the Congress led UPA government.

The investigations brought out findings that the scam was a nexus not just of the bureaucrats but it involved top management of various other telecom operators and corporate houses. The 2G spectrum auction started off with a sudden unexplained preponement of the last date of receiving applications for spectrum allocation and UAS licenses and this was also changed to be allocated on a first-cum-first-serve basis. Swan Telecom Private Limited (STPL) was one among the 42 telecom operators which had sent it applications to the Department of Telecom for spectrum allocation in 2007. It was alleged by the CBI investigations that Mr. A. Raja and his close associates had given away spectrums and licenses to STPL at very low prices in exchange of kickbacks. This was followed by STPL, Etisalat Telecom and Tata Telecom selling off part of their stakes at higher prices to other operators. On further investigations and trials, 19 of them including Mr. A. Raja were accused. 122 licenses awarded during the term of Mr. A. Raja were cancelled. Ms. Kanimozhi, MP, Rajya Sabha and the promoter of Kalaignar channel was also accused of taking a bribe of Rs. 200 crore from Swan telecom private limited for Grant of license. Mr. A. Raja and Ms. Kanimozhi were sentenced to jail in 2011 for where they served 20 months and 8 months respectively. In due course some corporate heads were acquitted. But the process of hearing trials and adjourning continued most of the times in favour of the defence.

There were 3 cases filed in the 2G spectrum scam, 2 by the CBI and 1 by the Enforcement Directorate. There was a breach of trust by various civil servants, breach of the FEMA and Prevention of Corruption Act besides others. But in the end, all the people of the country got was- all the accused were acquitted and the allegations made were not substantiated. Does this need 6 years?

What about the Rs. 1.76 lakh crore loss to the Indian exchequer? It's the money of every tax payer who wasn’t served his worth and whose money was put to just fulfil the fancies of a few bureaucrats. Was it all a sham or is the verdict a joke? What about the thousands of us put to misery in someway or the other? Does the world's largest democracy deserve such a case of governance, politics and judiciary?

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