6 Reasons Why London Olympics 2012 were a Success

It has been just 2 days since the glittering closing ceremony brought down curtains to one of the most successful sporting events, and I am already missing them. I would be lying if I call myself athletic by any sketch of imagination, still it didn’t dither me from following and cheering sporting greats from around the world, who participated in this quadrennial event. Olympics, in itself, is a story of human ability and strength. It is a tale of one's ability to fight challenges and succeed. It is a folktale of mental and physical strength. In this backdrop, London 2012 wrote another glorious chapter in the History of Olympics.

By now if some of you are wondering why I am going gaga about this event, let me share with you 6 reasons as to why I feel London Olympics 2012 were a success and were special.

1) Great Opening Ceremony: After Beijing 2008, everyone was bit sceptical about London's ability to match the high standards that the fuming Dragon had set. But Danny Boyle's knack of pulling out the rabbit from a hat came in handy for the organisers, as the Oscar winning director pulled off a great show. Audience and critics around the world raved about it.

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte Rivalry, London 2012 Olympics Games
Michael Phelps and  Ryan Lochte
2) Large Viewership: This 15 day event attracted a large amount of audience as people around the world watched and celebrated Olympic's spirit of togetherness. Even the live telecast through Youtube attracted around 45 million people.

3) Open among competing nations: May be for the first time in the history of Olympics, they were not reduced to a fight between 2-3 nations for supremacy. In fact more than handful countries gave table toppers a run for their money. A quick look at medal tally says it all with US getting 46 gold medals, China 38, Britain 29, Russia 24, Korea 13. Post-Cold-War era had seen US run away with bucketful of gold medals, while the last Olympics had seen China and US fight for the top rank. But the London Olympics saw a far open sporting fight among nations.

4) Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps: These two legends carved a niche for themselves during 2012 Games and secured their distinguished places in sporting history. While Michael became the most medalled sportsmen ever, Bolt rewrote history books by his record breaking sprints. If Michael made headlines in first week, Bolt hogged the limelight in second week.

5) Winners were humble in their triumph while losers smiled their way into the hearts of people. Unlike past there was far better grace exhibited by vanquisher and loser. Eg. Russian Pole Vault Queen Yelena Isinbayeva could only win bronze in her favourite event, but she humbly accepted her defeat promised to fight her way back to top in Rio 2016.

6) Largely controversy-free and clean: Except an isolated case or two of doping 2012 Games were largely dope-free. Few boxing controversies and match fixing allegations in badminton couldn't affect the overall spirit of the viewers and athletes.

Besides these points, England's multi-cultural society came out in full force to support some of the greatest athletes of all time. What are your views?

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