Origami :Tips to make Perfect Origami Product

I hope you were able to make a perfect Airplane, by following the instructions we discussed earlier. Now let me tell share with you few origami paper folding tips which will help you make perfect origami products. These tips will help you transform yourself from a beginner to an expert.

1.   Choosing your paper: Before you start making an origami object, it is essential to know what kind of textured paper would suit best. If the object involves a lot of loose ends, it needs a thick paper to keep the object stable enough. Using a thin material may lead to very droopy and unstable object. Thin papers are ideal for origami objects with a lot of folds, as it makes the folding, creasing and cutting easier.

   The second aspect about the paper is its colour. You can use a plain colour paper (both sides or single side coloured), paper with printed design or polka dots etc. For animals, large objects etc plain paper is suitable. However designs, flowers and decorations go best with printed sheets.

2.   While marking the dimensions you could crease the ends instead of using a pencil, as mostly both the sides show in the final product. This way you can keep a 1mm or less margin for any mistakes or any kind of minor alterations However, if you are more comfortable with a pencil boundary, go for it but ensure that you cut exactly along it.

3.   Always use a rough sheet before using the selected one. This not only helps you get an idea, but also a practice which will help you avoid mistakes on the final sheet. Moreover, you will be able to judge which crease is really required and which just spoils the whole look by being a reference.

4.   Always follow the mentioned dimensions. Origami requires accuracy and not following the dimensions of paper may lead to faults from the beginning.

Origami paper lotus, origami tips, paper products
Origami : Paper Lotus

5.   Folding in a straight line: if you have trouble folding thick paper or even a long line, do not hesitate to use a ruler. Keep a one foot long, thin ruler handy.

6.   Precision is an indispensable aspect of origami. So do all your folding and cutting according to the specifications. Any discrepancy will lead to an ugly result.

7.   The most important thing which will help you in origami : Patience.

8.   Following instructions is only for the beginners when you have to learn and get the hang of it. Once you know it, just enjoy it!

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