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Just like any other young recently graduated boy, I had big dreams in my eyes when i went for my first job interview yesterday. After a general introduction, the interviewer asked me where i saw myself after 5 years and what was my dream. I always thought I have everything planned and would become famous one day, but when he asked me that question I was left speechless. Should I say want to be famous? FAMOUS. Who doesn't want to be famous? But do I know how I really know how I want to go about it??? I just said I want to be a solution provider to my customers. He laughed and said my answer was something that Interview Tips sites suggest. I too smiled but deep within I was in turmoil of my own.

We all often dream big things for ourselves in our formative years and more often than not find ourselves in a rut away from our dreams. Lack of clarity is the biggest culprit which hinders us from becoming what we want to. We always have a vague idea instead of having a full fledged plan. Therefore we don't know how to go about fulfilling that dream. We don't set our goals, instead we set statements like "I want to be famous", "I want to be rich" etc. Goals are more specific and they specify the path to our dreams. Setting short-term goals and achieving them keeps us on track and keeps us aware of our objectives.

Clarity in Our Thoughts results in Clearer Goals
Once we know what we want to achieve and have thought about how we wish to achive it, its time for us to make goals. This is a necessary step if you are serious about achieving success and give it some good time and thought. Don't be too optimistic nor be too pessimistic about your plan. I would advise you to write down your goals on paper and in checklist form. Put cross or tick in front of them after regular intervals of time and never mark partially achieved goal.

Tackling Mistakes
Mistakes are pass and parcel of life, no one was, is and will be perfect. We are often scared of making mistakes, in fact which hinders our ability to take risks and thus, also the possibility of achieving greater heights. And in our quest to avoid mistakes we end up doing nothing. So don't be afraid to make mistakes, keep learning from them. When we start our journey in our professional life, we all start as an amateur and keep gaining experience from the baby steps we take. Like babies, sometimes we fall, but unlike childhood days, there is no one to hold us. We need to pick ourselves up and learn to keep walking, at the same time use our experience when time of taking big strides comes.

Don't be a slave, be a Master
Earlier, I discussed about importance of being proactive in life, continuing in the same breath, it is importance that we choose to be clear in our thoughts and proactively define our way of life instead of life dictating its terms on us. So if time comes when you feel enough is enough and you can't continue with living the same boring life, you can just decide to change, but do it only if you have a plan in place. Take time to decide on the path you want to take and work out the feasibility of your choice before taking the plunge. Don't depend on someone else to guide you and to dictate what you should do, instead follow your heart and your brain, soon you might find yourself in a position where you will become an example for others. Be proactive and rather than waiting for opportunity to fall on your lap, create an opportunity where you would be in a postion to independently write your own destiny.

Adapt and Follow your Goal
Not all things will ever pan out according to your plan, so we need to give a clear scope of tolerance in our plan. Flexibility is the key to such cases, Be Flexible: Bend But Don't Break.
Don't lose your direction or aim if you face some problems on way. Instead, work around them to get everything on track. It may take your time and extra effort but it is worth every second and penny. May be something might happen which makes you realise that your dreams and goals are too good to be true, don't lose heart, make some minor changes depending on your experience. Its never too late to undo your mistakes and start afresh. Rework on your goals and start following them, motivation to do so will come from within.

A person who has a clear vision, ability to take risks and can adapt in any situation need not be afraid of anything because not even Destiny can stop him from achieving his goals.

P.S. I am waiting for a call from that company, but now I am confident enough to answer THE QUESTION because i have clarity in my thoughts now :)

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  1. If it means anything to you, the people I knew as youths who eventually went on to be FAMOUS never for a moment doubted that they would or should be famous. They just did what they had to do to actualize their destiny.

    It's sort of like the story that's told about the sculptor Cellini. He was asked how he carves an elephant. He said he took a block of marble and cut away anything that's not an elephant.

    Do you get my drift?