A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

The phrase, " A Rolling stone gathers no moss" refers to a person who is so focused and determined towards making it large, that he tends to keep moving ahead in life, without the warmth and love of his close ones because to him, they are more of a hindrance (just as the moss which keeps the stone safe and restricts its movement). Also, he gets so accustomed to moving over things so easily (like a stone that gets round and smooth as a result of the rough journey), that staying put, isn’t an option anymore. Without liabilities, he feels he has the freedom to work and fulfill his dreams and thus he is a ‘solitary reaper’.

We start each day with an endeavor to achieve new heights, maximize our potential and attain what previously was next to impossible. A very positive, yet endangering spirit towards life. It would certainly bring you all the success in your professional life but unfortunately, we leave our roots and foundations unattended in this quest for success, by building our careers over them. Well this situation too is not as bad as going away. Let’s see how.

Realizations often come the hard way

Suddenly this bad phase arrives, a fierce storm blows away all those big blocks of success and you are left with the unattended relations covered with a thick layer of moss protecting them, firmly, yet gently. This is precisely the time we rediscover how important the moss proved to be for our survival. It held us back from the devastating storm, only to find ourselves safe in it. And what if the storm never came and our big boulders of success were still in place? The moss would still be there, unseen, unheard, yet providing all the support we and our success need-by being at the bottom( of our priority list as well), still growing and trying to cover whatever it can.

Well there’s another flow that can make our success tumble over, much more easily- the water. Once the stones get carried away by the river ‘flow’, the journey starts and the shape of the stones eventually becomes round and smooth, capable of going by the push provided by anyone. Those are the rolling stones which strive to keep moving ahead and, crossing their hurdles with their ability to get over whatever comes in their way. However, they are incapable of just one thing, being stable.

In today’s world of ‘who cares’ attitude, a typical go getter would also have a similar nature. Not to miss the ‘move on’ policy, that gives us the license of to walk over relations. Some call it having a personal space in relations, while the others see it as a necessity to climb the ladder of success. Surely, you need to be financially stable to survive but moving away from the roots will only make us weak. And we realize this only when the storm comes and exposes the hollow trunk and perishing roots.

Falling on moss hurts much lesser than falling on stones!

If an area is green and damp, there is bound to be some kind of moss growth around the stones. But this is a slow process and requires no disturbance. Now, what does the moss do? With more and more growth of moss on the stone, it restricts the movement of the stone and provides a soft covering to it. Applying this to our professional lives, we see how being loyal to one company has the benefits of an assured albeit slow progress, how it leads to more satisfaction of doing things in a proper manner and also the recognition that it brings with it. This is a slow process but has assured benefits. Adjusting to a new environment is a gigantic task for some. Getting to know new people, understanding their views and beliefs, aligning yourself to the new work and the list goes on. Phew! Scary? Well then you’re the kind who will settle for being comfortable than taking up the risk of such environments.

This also gives you the time and peace of mind to do the things you like, pursue hobbies and most important- being HAPPY and satisfied. In case of personal relationships, it is a high loss or high gain situation. People with such a mindset generally are in for serious relations and thus a heartbreak can ruin things and even leads to depression or worse. But if all goes well, there is nothing which will give the happiness of being among your loved ones. The safe environment, the comfort zone is something which you won’t get anywhere else and thus you would give in your best to sustain it.

The bottom line is, we always have a choice between our moss and high aspirations, between a closely knit family or the space and freedom from them. The only way to care for them both is to keep moving with continuous encouragement and support from the moss. Don’t build your citadel so high that it doesn’t serve its basic purpose of protecting your foundation.

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