Hydroelectric Energy : Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy

After going through the advantages of hydroelectricity, a quick look on the limitations and concerns associated with it will help in giving a broader perspective of its actual impact. Altering earth’s natural processes, always incurs some costs. We first pay (in monetary terms) for the infrastructure etc. and then pay the intangible price of disrupting certain natural systems. Let’s see how.

Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy

1) It can be generated only in areas with heavy rainfall and sufficient supply of water.
2) Hydel power generation stations are to be located in hilly mountainous terrains where waterfalls as well as ideal sites for dams are located. In a region/country without hills hydel power generation is not possible.
3) Loss during transmission is very high, sometimes up to 30%.
4) Dams are expensive to build.
5) Building a dam affects the environment and wildlife of adjoining areas. Nearby low-lying areas are always under the threat of floods.
6) Building of dam causes lot of pollution.
7) If rains are scarce, there might not be enough water to turn turbines.

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