FaceBook Poke & Poke War

What is Poke in Facebook ? What does poking mean on facebook?

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites at present on internet. As you login to facebook, you connect yourself to a network of over six hundred million registered users all over the world. 'Poke' is one of the common terms in facebook terminology.

A Poke is like a nudge, which a friend gives you, to grab your attention. Poke on Facebook is just a casual gesture which means "I am thinking of you" or a simple "Hello". Although the meaning of the facebook poke can be interpreted variedly, it can also be done to irritate your enemies too. Some people use it to flirt with people they don't know, but have some common friends. Facebook lets you know if someone has poked you by displaying the poke symbol on the right side of your Home page. There is an option to poke back that person too.

How to Poke someone on Facebook?

Trying to grab attention of your girlfriend or boyfriend, but have nothing to say? Don't know what to do now? Just Poke her/him. To poke someone you just need to go to their profile page and press the Poke button on the top right hand side. Don't worry, only the person whom you have poked will get to know about it. You can poke only a "friend" or "friend of a friend".

What is Poke War on Facebook?

When you get a poke from friend, you have two options: either remove the poke or poke back (though it is considered rude if you don't poke back). Now if you choose to poke back and the original person pokes you again, a Poke War starts. This back and forth poking on facebook is Poke war. I know it sounds lame but people do enjoy it. Now the question that arises here is, when does a Poke war end ? Well, it never ends, it continues until one of the parties decides to stop poking. The person who gives-up is said to have lost the Poke War. So probably the best question to ask your friend after first poke is "Are you going to poke me Again?" Read Grievances of A Software (Just 4 Fun)

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  1. Poke has only one meaning dat u touch someone with ur hand it dosn't matter he's ur friend or a stranger
    poke is much effective than to send a friend request

  2. @Anonymous Agreed its better because at least people don't get offended and block you rather they might poke back..