About Us

We started as a group of 4 individuals as diverse as it gets, coming together to share knowledge and experience we had gained over the years. Sharing our knowledge is just a part of the story we also share our hobbies with you from time to time. We, now a group of 3 young professionals, try to answer all your questions and are always ready at your service saying, "I Answer 4 U"  :)

We started our site in June 2010, with more than just an idea for a site, but as a means for this original group of grad students to stay connected. Today, it has mostly the stuff we deal with, or sometimes we even explore out of curiosity and present the whole new idea to you.

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1st Penna : The mastermind behind IAnswer4U. He mostly writes about technology and study related articles and is our guiding light when it comes to studies. Though the most serious of us all, he can sometimes be too nasty and have the weirdest of ideas for fooling us.

2nd Penna : She mostly writes hobby related articles, some relating to our daily lives and does the editing stuff. For her, adventure is all about enjoying free time surrounded by colour paints, novels and nature.

3rd Penna (now retired) : A movie buff(our search engine for movies and practically anything), wannabe director and a self-proclaimed Relationship expert. He is observed to get extremely disgruntled if he is unable to watch a new release.
New 3rd Penna : Our newest member joined us in 2017. She is considered to be an expert in finance topics and has done MBA(finance). When she is not solving the financial mysteries of life, you will find her spending time around animals. A strict looking soul is not someone to be messed around with. :)

4th Penna (now retired) : With her Devil-May-Care attitude, you will find her far away from books, enjoying all the different sides of life and continuously exploring more. Friends are her life line. Her leisure activities include horse riding, golf, football and travelling.

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