How to control Nuclear Pollution?

Radioactive pollution is very hazardous for human health and thus it is important to take drastic steps for its prevention. Reprocessing is one solution that is proving to be effective in reducing nuclear wastes and the residues left over. The highest probability of nuclear pollution affecting the open environment is by accidents. This might happen when nuclear wastes are transported to the reprocessing plants. Reprocessing also may cause other pollution problems by risking contaminating in the environment. There has been no nation yet to have efficiently found out the proper method of radioactive waste storage. There is no possible way to just get rid of the wastes from one’s vicinity but then no concrete solution of the final storage and disposal of such wastes. There is no viable and agreeable conclusion which can be reached even till date.

The storage facilities that are present require to have highly intransigent security and rules, with periodical checks and regular updates about the storage with its current status of viability. If there is a responsible management set up for nuclear waste then the threat posed by nuclear pollution will be reduced to a great extent. The long term side effects will be handled and thus allowing us to survive in a cleaner and better environment. When things are managed in such a good manner then the illegitimate dumping of these wastes into the oceans will be forbidden by itself. When something happens to a reactor like that of Ukrainian Chernobyl disaster then mass population is jeopardised as nuclear pollution is not just about radioactive energy. There have been attempts made by an American company to even build a radioactive storage facility on the Marshall Islands. Even though this island has the higher potential threat for nuclear pollution due to rising sea level but still it is being considered as a part of a certain perspective. Even this idea can be viewed as irresponsible when overall criteria are judged.

Ways to Control Nuclear Pollution

  • All the leakages that happen from the radioactive materials including those from the nuclear reactors, industries and also the laboratories should be thoroughly checked and tested.
  • All the radioactive materials like ores and elements should be carefully stored away within safe places and should be changed into a form which will be rendered harmless.
  • There should be strict provisions and rules which need to maintain as far as proper clothing is concerned while working with the radioactive materials. The workers should be compulsorily wearing protective garments working in the nuclear plants.
  • It is very important that the disposal of all the radioactive materials and wastes of left over should be done safely and securely.
  • Only those radioactive wastes which have a very low radiation capacity can be drained or put into the sewage system otherwise not.
  • It is a must to have nuclear power plants maintain strict regulations and the safety instructions. The same should be made equally clear and followed.
  • There should be a check on natural radiation which should be maintained at a permissible limit and any divergence should be reported and tackled as soon as possible.
  • It is necessary to make sure that when there is a need to explode any of the nuclear devices then it should be underground preferably and not above the ground.
  • Contaminants should be so employed so that there can be a reduction in the radioactive emissions.
  • It is necessary to understand that the manufacturing of radio isotopes is done as minimal as possible as they are highly unstable.
  • While disposing off the industrial wastes which have a high potential of containing radionuclide there should be immense precautions undertaken then.
  • The places and locations where there is possibility of radioactive contamination is high there should be a provision of having high chimney and ventilators to be used effectively.
  • Even when the use of nuclear medicines and radiation therapy is done it should be used as the last option. It is better to avoid nuclear radiations as much as possible.
  • Underground drainage and wet drilling should be used in the nuclear mines.
  • There should be usage of closed cycle coolant along with gaseous coolant with high purity level in nuclear reactors to prevent extraneous activation products.
  • Nuclear fission reactions should be minimised as much as possible.

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