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What is Web Application testing?

The technique which tests web applications is called as Web Application testing. Web Application testing consists of different techniques like Compatibility testing, Functionality testing, Security testing, Interface testing, Performance testing and Usability testing.

Introduction to Windmill

Nowadays various tools are used to test web applications. For example Selenium,Waitr,Sahi etc. Today we will have a look at one of the best Open Source Web Testing Tool called Windmill. Windmill provides a cross-browser recorder and an interactive shell to automate web browsers.It provides various useful features which are given below.

Features of Windmill web-testing tool

  • Windmill has a record and play feature.
  • Supports multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari
  • It is OS independent.
  • Supports languages like Python, JavaScriptand Ruby.
  • It supports Web and RubyOnRails technologies.
  • Debugging tools like Firebug and Firebug Lite.

Advantages of Windmill
  • We can save the test suite in multiple formats. For example in python, json and javascript.

Disadvantages of Windmill
  • You need to add wait commands like “waitforElement”.
  • File uploads are not supported in Windmill.

Windmill vs Selenium

  • Selenium supports many languages and browsers.
  • Selenium does not have any integrated debugging tools.
  • In order to install Selenium IDE, we need to first install Firefox because Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin.
  • Windmill supports multiple browsers but supports only Python, JavaScript and Ruby languages.
  • Windmill has integrated debugging tools like Firebug and Firebug Lite.
  • Test recorder for all browser platforms.
  • Visual Studio or Eclipse is not required since the tests can be directly written in the Windmill IDE.

How to run Windmill?

There are different ways to run Windmill. Today let’s have a look at Command line Utility.
Command Line
  • Mozilla browser
    • There are two ways you can run windmill.
    • windmill firefox
      windmill –m
  • Chrome browser
    • windmill chrome
  • Safari browser
    • windmill safari
    • windmill –s
  • Internet browser
    • windmill ie
    • windmill –x

How to create Tests in Windmill Testing Suite?

  • Start IDE - windmill firefox
  • Two windows will be opened. One will contain the application you want to test ( and the other will contain Windmill IDE.
  • Record Tests – Click on record button to start recording.
  • Play Tests – Click on play button to run the test.
  • Save Tests – Click on save button to save the test.

Windmill Settings
We can change the Windmill Settings from the Settings tab. For example:
  • Format of saving the Test suite.
  • Auto Scroll action.
  • To suppress JavaScript alerts.
  • Break on Failure.
  • Full debug
  • To use XPath only for recorder or explorer.
  • Click sensitivity while recording.
  • Play action

How to run Windmill Test script? (Command line)
  • windmill firefox test=./path_to_your_scripts_folder/

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