Difference Between Marketing and Selling


Marketing is a broad concept. In simple words, it means the process through which the goods and services move from the producer to the ultimate user of the products. Philip Kotler, the father of Marketing says Marketing is a social process by which a need is created, offered and exchanged via products (goods,services or an idea)
Marketing is the systematic planning and implementation so that the buyers and sellers come together and a market is created.
Example : Marketing starts much before and continues even after the product is sold. When a customer buys a car, the after sale services comes under marketing.


Selling is a narrower concept. Selling means providing the customer with the good he/she needs in exchange of a price. It is usually between two parties. Selling is more like an agreement wherein the buyer receives the product in exchange for money.
Example :You go to a shop and the shopkeeper “sells” you a Good X and in return you pay him some money in cash.

Difference in Selling and Marketing

  1. Marketing is about customer satisfaction. It starts with customer needs and demand and ends with customer satisfaction. It is a customer oriented approach. Sales, on the other hand, is about selling what the company produces. It doesn’t care about the need of the customer but about the profits.
  2. Marketing is about providing quality products and consumer satisfaction. Selling is about generating by maximising sales and is a money oriented approach.
  3. In marketing, emphasis is given on the wants of the consumer.Whereas in selling, emphasis is on the company’s products.
  4. Marketing is different from selling because here the company first determines customers’ needs and wants and then decides how to deliver a product to satisfy these wants. In selling, it is the other way round.
  5. In marketing the emphasis is on innovation in existing technology and providing better value to the customer by adopting a superior technology. Selling emphasizes on staying with existing technology and reducing costs.
  6. Marketing views the customer as the very purpose of the business. Selling views customer as a last link in business.
  7. Planning in marketing is long-term-oriented in today’s products and in terms of new products, tomorrow’s markets and future growth. Planning in selling is short-term-oriented in terms of today’s products and markets.
  8. Marketing follows customer oriented approach and selling uses production oriented approach.
  9. Consumer determines price and price determines cost of marketing. In selling, cost determines price.
  10. Marketing makes use of long-term strategies to get sales – examples, value-added service, customer education, meeting objectives. Selling makes use of short-term tactics to get sales – examples are free gifts, discounts, rebates, bribes, etc.
  11. 11) Marketing is an indirect activity whereas sales is a direct activity.

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Marketing V/s Selling

To sum it up, let us look at the components of the two.

Sales- A part of Marketing
Selling is simply the movement of the goods or services from the seller to buyer. Selling is a part of marketing, and therefore is a narrow concept. It is the main part of marketing but not the whole of it. Every business comes into existence to make some profit, and yes, selling plays a very important role, but marketing concentrates on the customer demands and needs which helps in increasing sales in the long run.

Marketing is a wider concept and includes the following components :
  • Designing the product
    The first and foremost thing in marketing is the designing of the product. The product is designed in such a manner that it attracts the people Example : Dell laptops that used a different design when almost all the other companies used the similar colors like Black and white. This made a huge impact in the market and was a great success.
  • Placing the product
    Placing the product in the mindset of the customer and in different price category plays a crucial crucial role in marketing and here comes the importance of PRICE AND PLACE.
  • Finding the satisfaction level
    Most of the companies that are well versed try to find the customer satisfaction level by various methods like Questionnaires, providing samples etc
  • Finding the target people
    One of the most important thing that is to be taken care is finding the target which are aimed by the companies to place the product.
  • After sales service
    The most important thing that attracts the people are after sale service. IFB is a company known for the service and this gives an assurance the people thereby widening the market for the product.

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