Difference between Test Case vs Test Scenario in Software Testing

Testing terminologies can sometimes confuse even the most experienced of IT professionals. Today we will discuss about test cases, test scripts and test scenarios which may seem similar to any layman but there is a subtle difference between these terms which make a world of difference for a software tester.
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Test Case

Test cases are a set of valid and invalid procedures for testing of a particular module in an application.
Test cases with a valid procedure are called valid test case and the test case with an invalid procedure is called as invalid test case. In order to do complete testing, both valid and invalid procedures have to be kept so that testing can be done in different conditions.
While designing test cases below terms have to be defined:
  • Test Id: Test Id is unique Id for defining test case
  • Test Case name: Test case name is given to a particular test case.
  • Test case description: It is detailed description of what the test case is going to test.
  • Precondition: These are the steps that have to be implemented before executing the test case.
  • Expected result: Expected result is the outcome which is expected after running the test case.
  • Actual result: Here we record the actual outcome or result obtained after execution of test case.
  • Status: Fail or pass status is decided after the execution of the test case, to identify whether or not actual result matched with the expected outcome.

Test Script

Test Script is the term used in the case of automation testing which is the same as test cases in manual testing.
It is a set of instructions that will be performed on the system under test to test the functionalities of the application. These instructions are in the form of code or a script which can be executed automatically using any automation testing tools.

Test Scenario

Test Scenarios means we are talking about the requirements in detail. Here unlike test cases we are not talking about a particular condition while testing a module. Test scenarios are detailed test procedures which can be consist of multiple test cases associated with it.
In scenario testing, the preparation of scenarios is the most important part, to prepare test scenarios testers need to take help from the developer, business analyst and project manager. A scenario consists of series of activities, each compromising of different inter-related test cases, which a user of the system may execute when system goes live. Here we recreate the user activities to understand how a particular functionality will “play out”.

For example:
  • Validate whether student can add his course or not after logging in.
  • Validate whether the student can edit his course or not.
  • Validate whether the student can delete his course or not.

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