Short Term or Temporary Car Insurance for 1-28 Days

Ever wondered if you can get an insurance for your car or van for a day or two, if you can get insurance on your friend’s car, if you can add a relative to your insurance policy on a temporary basis? If you have been puzzled by these thoughts, you would be happy to know a Temporary Car Insurance policy provided by all the major insurers across the world, takes care of all your worries besides being pocket friendly.

What is meant by Temporary Car Insurance?

Short Term Car Insurance cover provides you a temporary cover for 1-28 days. This cover is usually provided if you are over 21 years old. Yes! You can insure a car for a day and can you insure a car in someone else's name under a temporary car insurance policy. Cost for a simple breakdown cover can be as little as $3 per day while a normal cover can cost you somewhere around $30 per day.
A temporary cover provides all the benefits of annual car insurance but at the same time it provides a lot of freedom. Also in case you make a claim under temporary cover it doesn’t affect your No-claim bonus clause of insurance policy.

When should you go for Temporary Car Insurance?

Although going for temporary cover is tempting for many of us but over a long term it is not cost effective nor is it advisable. You may go for Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) car insurance if you are not sure as to how much you are going to run a particular vehicle in a year.
A short term cover is good if you are borrowing a friend’s car or want to go on a short tour around the country. If you own a vintage car or an expensive beast which you take out for only few days a year then it is advisable that you buy a short term cover for them rather than going for expensive annual cover. Young drivers or learners can go for these policies if they don’t own the car they are driving.

What all is covered under Short term Car Insurance?

You get all the features of a comprehensive car insurance in these short term policies like:
  • Collision cover
  • Theft or vandalism cover
  • Legal Third Party liability
  • Injury or death of occupants is covered
  • Breakdown cover
  • Replacement of car parts or a car itself, in case of extensive damage.

What all things an applicant needs to submit in proposal form?

In order to avail this policy an applicant has to submit following documents to the insurer to get the best and the cheapest quote which fulfills their needs:
  • Letter of authorization from owner of the car.
  • Complete details of the car to be insured.
  • Details of the car driver in whose name policy is being taken.
  • Driving licence of the car driver.

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