Advantages of Unit Testing

Earlier we had discussed about the role of unit testing in software development, today we are going to discuss what the benefits of unit testing are. These points will make you understand how creating unit test cases may make a difference in developing good software and a great one.

Benefits of Unit testing

1) Unit testing improves the quality of the code. At unit testing level developer is able to identify every bit of defect which may have aroused, before code is sent further for integration testing. Hence a high level of software quality assurance is achieved.

2) With successful unit testing of the modules of a software, we can easily demonstrate the progress of the developing application. We can actually show how many modules are not only developed but are tested without bug.

3) Mostly, developers who have created the module, do the unit testing on it. So they first frame the test cases and then start developing it. This keeps developer more focused and helps him do better coding.

4) Bugs detected at earlier stage are easier to be fixed. Hence, unit testing minimizes the possibilities of the bugs at higher level of testing like Integration testing and system testing.

5) Unit testing actually saves tester’s time and effort.

6) Unit testing gives confidence to the developing team.

7) Modules whose unit testing has been done successfully can be reused by the developer.

8) It helps in developing better software design. By creating unit test plans, developer is forced to investigate and understand the functionality of the said module with respect to large scheme of things. This way he can design this module’s functionality better without any redundancy.

Hope given these advantages you, as a developer, will start using Unit testing as a tool to improve your coding skills.

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