How I Make My Time Fly in Office

Request: If by any chance you happen to be working in my office and know me, please do not report this to my boss. And if you are my boss and are reading this article then I am pretty sure you too are looking for ways to waste your time and thus have no moral right to blame me if I am doing what you are not able to do. J

Who am I ?
Before I tell you about the things I do to make my office time fly, I would like to tell you briefly about why I am in ‘better’ position to do all the below mentioned things. I am one of the Pennas, the group of our behind this site, who has recently got a job in one of the top companies in the world. Unlike my friend, who has completed about 10 months at job and has had enough experience to write about surviving first days at work, I am still too inexperienced at work. I, being the junior most member in my assigned project, am not expected to do any ‘real’ work. They say it’s our “honeymoon” period and ask us to take it easy. Basically it all ends up with me having to stay at my desk for 9 hours waiting for day to end. Also please note I don’t have access to any social networking site from office. L

After first week, wherein I did just nothing, except waiting for clock to show 5 pm, I discovered how I could ‘utilize’ my time better. Here are few things I did to make my time fly at office.
  • Checking Mails: This is probably the first thing that each employee does after logging into system every morning. Being a ‘responsible’ employee, I also do the same, just in case if I have some work coming up my way. I experience a sense of relief as the outlook shows nothing as unread. This means I have completed my obligatory duty of the day and am free to start my own special routine.
    wasting time at office, spending time @ work doing nothing
    Making time fly at work
  • Learn something about the world around: My next stop is Google news, wherein I just don’t read top news stories on my country but also about other major nations. I am sure you might be feeling it’s a boring activity but let me tell you, this has a profound advantages. My seniors are usually impressed by my habit of being globally aware and often ask me what’s going around. They are impressed by my knowledge, besides they don’t get a feeling that I am merely wasting time from the morning itself.
  • Green tea and desk exercise: Till now about one and half  hours are over and I start feeling a bit sleepy after doing a rather boring activity of reading news. It’s time I do as I preached in my article, 3 Real Benefits of drinking Green tea, I go and get a flask full of hot water for green tea. It’s slight bitter taste and caffeine keeps me awake. I start my first set of desk exercise just to make sure I keep burning some additional calories too. Must say GREEN TEA and DESK EXERCISE is great combination even for people doing real work to lose unwanted pounds and to relax.
  • “I want work”: By this time my colleagues start calling me to have a cup of coffee. Time to discuss about office and boast how much I want to work but there is nothing substantial coming my way. This way they feel that I am real good employee and am raring to go. This may not really be true but what is wrong in creating good impression.
  • Googling the random stuff: Back on desk, it’s time to Google random things which usually have no connection with my work, but who cares. Frankly if they do a survey on searches people make during office time, they will find that 90% of searches have no relevance with the work.
  • Flash Games: Fifteen minutes after making random searches I end up on some flash games site. I find some arcade game and adjust the window size so that no one else is able to see what I am doing. This goes on for an hour until it’s time for lunch.
  • Weekend Plans and day-dreaming: Everyone is usually relaxed after lunch and a sort of team meeting takes place wherein team leader usually discusses about upcoming birthdays of team members or a team outings. For half an hour so we all do some real brainstorming and usually decide to come up with concrete suggestions next day. After this meeting as others get down to work, I start counting days left for the week to end. I spend some time dreaming about what I will do this weekend and make a list of upcoming films I will watch.
  • Shhhhh Our own li’l secret: Did you know the article you are reading was written during office time? Yes, I am getting bored at office and this is one the ways I am making my time fly, by sharing my thoughts with you all.
Now as my article is about to get over I am really get restless and keep watching clock every minute hoping it will show 5 o’clock soon. Before I sign-off, I hope you liked my ways of wasting time at office. Don’t forget to comment and share your office-time secrets.J

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